Binance Blockchain Week Singapore took place from 19-22 January 2019 at MBS. The conference itself was only two days, from 21st to 22nd.

#1 Interest has waned

Hardly any of the talks gathered a full crowd – most of the time the hall was less than half full. The bear market has taken its toll on the community. The light at the end of the tunnel is that, even at this low point, see point #2:

#2 Speakers remain positive

.. on the prospects and potential of blockchain technology. This is the best time to work hard at the things that matter without the distraction. Projects that have managed their funds wisely will be able to continue to hire, and build. Keep an eye out for projects that’s moving against the flow and hiring in the bear market.

#3 We’re very early

General consensus is that current technology is still “couple years” away from being mature enough for everyday use. To quote one of the speaker, teams have probably overestimated what they could achieve in a year – but are likely to underestimate what they can do in ten years.

#4 Co-existence

Centralized and decentralized entities have reasons to co-exist. Decentralization is not the answer to everything as the level of users differ greatly, and some simply aren’t capable of managing themselves.

#5 Non-Bitcoin/Ethereum folks

It was basically a gathering for “everybody else”. A lot of the more famous ones (CZ, Anthony Pompliano, Emin Gün Sirer, Da Hong Fei, Patrick Dai, Jun Li, Kyle Samani, Justin Sun, Jeremy Lam and more) took turns to speak.

For some of them, one can literally sense/feel the bullshit (haha) but more importantly, I was thrilled to see and hear from many that I actually follow on Twitter. Especially Dovey Wan and Miss Bitcoin 😀

Calculated Risks

No, I didn’t actually have to pay a lot (US$53.50 super early bird) for two days of free coffee and four tea breaks. Plus it was a fun experience! With crypto in the doldrums, I’ve placed small bets for some high-risk/high-returns moves. The lowest priced ETH I’ve gotten is at US$90 😛

Oh no, don’t be mistaken. My core index portfolio and supplementary dividend portfolio are doing OK. While cleaning up my Stocks Cafe transactions, I realized I’ve tagged some of my old transactions to the wrong portfolio! Oops.

My first ever transaction for my index portfolio took place on Christmas Eve 2012.

Chart generated from Stocks.Cafe (Index Portfolio)

My first ever transaction for my dividend portfolio took place on 5th Sep 2013. Dammit – I should have gone the route of a DIY stock-picker eh? Nah, I don’t think what I’ve done is sustainable. Slow and steady market returns will do for me. Having fun with my dividend portfolio keeps things interesting for me.

Chart generated from Stocks.Cafe (Dividend Portfolio)

Maybe I should call my crypto investments my yolo portfolio?

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