J3B is the ultimate triple destinations for Singaporeans to go travelling on the cheap – Johor Bahru, Batam and Bintan. (OK maybe Bintan isn’t that cheap)

Gonna be visiting this Bintan beauty one day. Soon, I hope.
(Credit : TripAdvisor)

Since I’m on the topic of cheap getaways, I’m going to be heading to Johor Bahru for our cheap getaway once again. Delicious food and cheap buys. Movies and massage when we feel like it. Stayed at various hotels including Holiday Villa, Amari and KSL. No special reason for picking KSL this time except that it is VERY cheap when I checked.

  • Train Tickets x 2 on EasyBook : $S12.12
  • KSL Hotel x 1-Night : S$38.21 (after using Agoda credits)

I usually take the bus on the way back because flexible timings. Most times I’d stay a night because it makes the trip super relaxing. No rushing to go anywhere! 😀

Can’t get enough? My epic post – 43 Vacation Money / Time Saving Secrets (The Travel Industry Don’t Want You To Know) may be old but still a gold mine of info 😀

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