Updated 20th Sept 2015 : New proof of rewards to show program is still legit
Note : Insinc is now known as Travel Smart Rewards

As if travelling for free on the MRT isn’t enough (my morning trip on the MRT is free since I get off the train before 7:45am), you can even win cash rewards (directly credited into you registered EZ-Link card) for making smart commutes!

What is Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards?

Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards is a free commuter program for Singapore’s trains where you stand to win rewards for making smart commutes.

By participating in Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards, you will earn points when you use the Singapore train system to commute to work and extra points when you take decongesting trips. With your Insinc points, you stand to win cash rewards!

The rewards you accumulate on Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards will be transferred each month to your CEPAS card. Happy commuting!

How do I earn Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards points?

Simple. You earn points when taking the MRT using your EZ-Link card that is registered in Insinc.

Each kilometre you travel on the train during a weekday earns you 1 point. Nope, no points earned for weekends, and no points earned for bus travel.

What is a decongesting trip?

What Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards is trying to do is to entice peak-hour commuters to travel via less congested trains before or after the morning peak commute hour by offering them additional points when they do so. Specifically, a decongesting trip is initiated between 6:30am and before 7:30am, or between 8:30am and before 9:30am on a weekday.

How does my Status affect the additional points that I earn?

Bronze – 3 points per kilometre
Silver – 4 points per kilometre
Gold – 5 points per kilometre
Platinum – 6 points per kilometre

What are the different status levels?

There are 4 status levels – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The more you travel by train at decongesting hours, the higher your Insinc status, granting you access to more valuable rewards on the spin boards. You can check your current status and how many decongesting trips are required to reach the next status on your home page.

How do I win cash rewards?

Points that are earned can be used to win rewards via Spin, or Cash Buyout.

  1. Spin – Use points to travel on the Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards board to win random cash rewards
  2. Cash Buyout – $1 of cash for every 1000 points

Personally, I chose to set up Autoplay, which uses all my available points weekly on Option 1 – Spin! I don’t need to spend a single second in the website, and Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards notifies me when I win something.

Now, that’s what I call getting something in return for nothing, especially when I already travel on the MRT every week!

Proof of Cash Rewards


As usual, I try to my best to provide proof of payment/rewards, so here you can see my winnings for the month of November 2013.

Insinc MRT Cash Reward

Followed by more cash rewards in 2014 :

Insinc Cash Rewards

Travel Smart Rewards (InSinc)

How am I doing in 2015?


How do I get my Cash Rewards?

You will get an email from Insinc notifying you of your winnings, and it will look like this –

Your last month’s rewards of $3 have been processed, and can be collected using your CEPAS travel card, number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Please go to any TransitLink AVM (Add Value Machine), and place your card on the card reader, and select ‘Insinc Rewards’. Your card will be topped-up with the amount you have won. If you would prefer to have your winnings paid directly into your bank account, once a month, please visit Travel Smart Rewards, click on “Settings” in the top right, and enter your bank account details.

Well, even if you travel during peak hours, take the time to set up your Insinc account and you can still win rewards!

If you have found this blog post useful, help me out by signing up with Insinc / Travel Smart Rewards via this link here and help me earn 250 points! Have fun, earn some rewards, and good luck!