Howdy miles chasers! Pretty unbelievable that something I started in October 2016 (wow, that was long) has now reached its 40th month! Regular tracking has been happening on my Miles Report page.

My first ever business class flights were actually on Qatar Airways and not Singapore Airlines. After I restarted my miles game, I had collected a total of 380,575 miles and spent 176,000 miles on redemption for a total of 14 business class tickets — seven flights for my wife and I.

  • Redeemed TPE-SIN-DPS with stopover hack x 2 @ 55,000 miles
  • Redeemed DPS-SIN-BKK with stopover hack x 2 @ 40,000 miles
  • Redeemed BKK-SIN-DPS with stopover hack x 2 @ 43,000 miles
  • Redeemed DPS-SIN x 2 @ 38,000 miles

In case you missed it :
The stopover hack is an open secret for getting on business class flights by paying only US$100. It isn’t that difficult to do it once you understand the trick behind it.

Miles Camp Total Damage – A Honest Assessment

Anyway, the miles camp is all about the lux life, yeah? Priority queues. Airport lounges. Champagne and lobster thermidor in the air. Insane baggage allowance. Cash-back ain’t gonna (be enough to) buy me that.

Considering that I have spent 176,000 miles in total, and if they were earned at a fairly optimal average rate of 3 miles per dollar, it would have been based on $58,666 worth of expenses that I would otherwise incurred anyway.

Not forgetting that taxes and US$100 have to be paid for the stop-over hack :

  • TPE-SIN-DPS : S$190.50 x 2
  • DPS-SIN-BKK : S$209.40 x 2
  • BKK-SIN-DPS : S$224.20 x 2
  • DPS-SIN : S$23.10 x 2

The redemption above was from a stopover perspective, but let’s look at it from a normal person’s point-of-view :

  • Taipei – Singapore 
  • Singapore – Bali – Singapore
  • Singapore – Bangkok – Singapore
  • Singapore – Bali – Singapore

Total damage for 14 business class tickets? 176,000 miles + SGD $1334.40 πŸ™‚

Would I switch to cash-back? Hmm let me think about it. No freaking way!

My wife and I enjoy travelling. To me, travelling has three distinct components – transportation (flights, train rides etc), property (hotels etc) and the itinerary (food, sightseeing etc).When we travel, all three components are just as important and our vacation starts the moment we reach Changi Airport.

We plan the itinerary according to our own likes and dislikes. We put a lot of thought into choosing our accommodation, such as the 300-sqm motel in Taipei with a private pool, jacuzzi and sauna — yes, I’m serious!

The “getting there” and “coming back” is just as important! I remember my last business flight back from Bangkok. With heavy air traffic, we were stuck on the tarmac for at least 20-minutes? Never been happier! It meant that I had more time to finish Gemini Man on the short flight πŸ˜›

My Remaining Miles Stash

After my last redemption, I have 204,575 miles remaining spread across various reward programs. Who knows? I might blow it all on one big trip πŸ˜€

KrisFlyer : 65,036 
 : 85,245 (85,245 Citi Miles)
Citi : 8,000 (20,000 Citi Points) — pls don’t nerf this pls pls pls
DBS : 40,336 (20,168 DBS Points)
UOB : 5,958 (2,979 UNI$)

From the above, it wouldn’t be hard to guess my credit cards setup for the seasoned collector. I do apply/cancel some cards from time to time just to take advantage of the sign-up bonuses. At the moment, just a few cards to manage :

  • Online Spend / 4 miles per dollar (mpd)
    • DBS Woman’s World MasterCard
    • Citi Rewards Visa
  • Contact-less PayWave / 4 mpd
    • UOB Platinum Visa
  • General Spend / 1.2 mpd
    • Citi PremierMiles Visa
    • DBS Altitude Visa

Alright, I suppose that’s all for now. Once again, I make regular updates on my Miles Report page. Maybe I’ll make this a regular thing, yes? Let me know if you’re collecting miles as well and where you’re planning to fly to!

Updated : Oh crap, I forgot to add in links to a few guides, just in case you want them :