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With the current Covid-19 situation, I don’t suppose anyone is in the mood to travel. Currently, the government is advising against all non-essential travel plus I’m sure the 14-day stay-home-notice is a strong deterrence. All of us need to do our part to keep Covid-19 at bay and flatten the curve.

It has been a month since my last miles update and the miles counter has moved up by a modest 10,000. Slow and steady progress. Nothing to shout about compared to hardcore miles collectors. Not exactly sure if I’ll keep this up but I figured, might as well post something that is not about the market crash, eh?

Miles Stash – March 2020

My current miles stash looks like this –

Miles Available (KrisFlyer) : 65,456
Miles Available (Citi)
 : 85,333 (85,333 Citi Miles)

Miles Available (Citi) : 12,000 (30,000 Citi Points)
Miles Available (DBS) : 43,938 (21,969 DBS Points)
Miles Available (UOB) : 7,578 (3,789 UNI$)

Total Miles Available : 214,305

As I have often mentioned, DBS Reward Points have a validity of 1-year before they expire. Last year in February, I wrote a step-by-step guide on how to redeem DBS points for Krisflyer miles.

Read my guide here : Redeeming DBS Points For KrisFlyer Miles

Fast-forward twelve months and it is time to do it again. Otherwise, 648 DBS points are going to expire! The good news is that points earned CAN pool together, unlike Citibank.

As usual, I share what I do. No bullshit. I wrote above that I have 21,969 DBS points :

Hot To Redeem DBS Rewards Points For KrisFlyer Miles

Basically the exact same steps as per my post last year. I added 5,000 x 4 units into my shopping cart and made the redemption. The same admin fee applied this time as well.

Citi Rewards Visa 4-MPD

With GrabPay top-ups being nerfed to the point of no return, there are but few remaining ways to milk it. UOB One credit card get nadah when topping up GrabPay wallet.

What I am about to say is an open-secret : topping up GrabPay using Citi Rewards Visa is still earning 4 miles per dollar (MPD). This explains why my miles stash is increasing by 10,000 Citi Points every month – the equivalent of 4,000 miles.

Of course, this means that your GrabPay wallet balance is going to be increasing every month by $1,000 and you better have a consistent way of spending it. Imagine prior to March 2020, I have another $500 going into it monthly via UOB One credit card 😀

A quick tip is that income tax season is coming up and we can use services like ipaymy and CardUp to pay our taxes via GrabPay. Note that a fee of around 2% is applicable.

Travel Ban

Looks like my pool villa paradise is out-of-bounds temporarily and there is nothing I can do about it. Goodbye, my 7-day Bali trip.

Singapore Airlines is offering free changing of flight dates so that’s one good thing. Singapore Airlines, on the other hand, is definitely not doing do good. I have also made arrangements to postpone all my pool villa bookings. They have all been very generous and nice about the Covid-19 situation and allowed me to utilize my stay at a later date.

If you enjoyed my KrisFlyer miles redemption guides and found them useful, here are more :

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