In the past, life was simpler. So was design. Each restroom cubicle has one toilet roll holder which holds a single toilet roll.

Not sure if any of you have noticed the restroom janitors rolling two partially used toilet rolls together to form a single, toilet roll, after which they will use it to replenish the toilet roll holder. This was their way of not ending up with endless partially used toilet rolls after topping up each morning.

Valid solution, but poor efficiency. Massive waste of man hours. So, how to improve the system? Improve the design!

*drum roll* The dual toilet roll holder!


One side that holds a new, full size toilet roll ; one side that holds a half size toilet roll. Max capacity is increased to 1.5 times and at the same time reducing manpower wastage. Insta-win!

Does your life, in some ways, remind you of the toilet janitor in the original scenario? Is there any way you can leverage design, creative thinking, or technology to hack your life like what the dual toilet roll holder did?

For example, POSB/DBS is consistently the winner of the longest ATM queue award. Why not apply for a bank account with another bank, like UOB or OCBC for example? Easy fix 🙂


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