I’m not exactly sure why people visit my blog. What I do know, is that there are plenty of lurkers! I enjoyed the interactions, either via comments, emails or the newly added Telegram group chat. Thank you for those who joined, even more so for those who had dropped me a private message πŸ˜‰

I have always felt that having your support makes the journey a lot more interesting than a lonely walk by myself. I’m not on a fast-track to FIRE. I’ve stumbled and fumbled along the way. I get up, and get on with it.

A Brief History

The first company that I worked for was Accenture. It was a swashbuckling project. Less than three months in, I attended a retreat at Sentosa. Then another one (can’t remember what it was called) at Dempsey. Folks I barely knew passed out from drinking. It was the first time I’ve seen an entire bottle of red wine emptied into merely three glasses. Remaining alcohol was brought over to the project site itself. It was fun (and crazy working hours), but I left after three months.

I stayed six years at my second job. I moved up the ranks, slow but steady. I was OK at what I did, but I enjoyed the customer service aspect of it the most. If you were to ask the users today (I left six years ago), they would remember me – I guarantee it. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before that I was a software engineer – then a team lead. I hated spreadsheets, and I hated managing people.

Eventually, it was a combination of reasons (mostly personal/family) that triggered my resignation. Besides, I was aware that I comfortable and I was getting old. It was the perfect catalyst.

The “dark ages” commenced. I had the perfect excuse to pursue what I wanted to. No, it was what I NEEDED to do. Before I regretted it for life. It was also at this point in my life that my financial awareness truly blossomed. I had less, but I knew infinitely more. You know what? I was figuring out the blueprint for the life I wanted to have. I had the luxury of experiencing two extremely different work life in the hospitality sector.

I had offers to go back to my previous line of work but I chose not to. I wasn’t ready to let go of my dreams yet. Yes, having side gigs helped πŸ˜‰ You can check out my CPF charts – no doubt it will corroborate my story. I pivoted again in 2016 to another career path and I have never looked back since.

Maybe you have the same nagging thoughts. Maybe reading about my mundane life is therapeutic. Perhaps my sharing about index investing piqued your interest. Or you are a travel junkie like me. Some have said I’m down-to-earth πŸ˜›

Regardless, I thank you for your time. For reading. For sticking around.

Basic Turtle vs Premium Turtle

To thank you, I am introducing an exclusive program on my blog specially for premium readers.

Yes, I have said before that I’ll never restrict content regardless of whether you’re a premium or basic user. So, with blog content being the same, why become a premium reader?

Firstly, that’s because you will get SPECIAL treatment – in particular, you will enjoy LIFETIME eligibility for the annual Turtle Investor Giveaway.

Secondly, every time you visit my blog, premium members will rewarded with specially minted crypto called TurtleCoins which you can collect and then exchange for exclusive Turtle Investor merchandise.

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose. Best of all, you don’t even have to do any extra work for it! Just keep reading πŸ™‚ In order to secure your premium membership, you would have to do the following simple 2 steps :

  1. Subscribe for weekly Turtle Investor blog updates (no spam, I promise) that goes out every Saturday.
  2. Dig in your pocket for a tiny monthly subscription fee of $0.00 when you click here and fill out the web form.

Yep, that’s all. Easy-peasy right? I hope to see your name in my inbox soon! Remember that this is time-limited offer (it will expire in 273 days) and you will have to wait until next year for it to be available again.


If you’re thinking whether I made a typo above, nope – I didn’t. The membership fee is indeed zero dollars. Everything I have written above is true – except TurtleCoins and merchandise LOL. (but maybe, stuff like that would be real one day)

The so-called “premium” membership are simply readers who have subscribed (just email address needed, no names required) along the years for my blog updates. And yes, all subscribers are eligible FOR LIFE to the annual giveaway. It has been that way since day one πŸ™‚

In case you noticed, point #1 and point #2 both directed you to the same “subscribe” form haha!

The time-limited offer will expire in 273 days unfortunately, because that’s when the year ends and I’ll randomly generate the winners for 2019. If you’re skeptical, you’re welcome to participate in 2020. These past winners since 2013 may convince you otherwise.

Year 2019 would be a milestone year for me because I just hit BHS this month and I would be hitting my FRS at the end of the year … which is why I’m planning a bigger giveaway this year. Giveaway prize(s) would be fully-funded by the awesome support and visits you have showered this blog.

One caveat (sorry) I have to point out though – to become eligible for the 2019 annual giveaway, you will have to open and click on at least three emails each year. If not, my mailing service is going tag your account as being inactive. Subscribers count (total number at 929 now) is excessively expensive (with inactive recipients numbering more than 100) and unfortunately, this is one area I would have to reduce cost by culling dead weight. It was hilarious because I have to keep notifying one winner (oops) after another because none of them would respond to the many emails I sent.

For now, please whitelist contact[at]turtleinvestor[dot]net but I may be changing a mailing service soon.

Last of all – Happy April Fools’ Day πŸ™‚