Below is a tweet that I posted quite a while back. In case you’re wondering, Twitter is where I share a lot more random stuff and thoughts that don’t quite belong anywhere. Follow me!

Today, something important is happening in a nearby financial hub. On a related note, I chanced upon this snippet and had blurred out parts of it.

[Loosely translated] It is difficult to understand, with such advances in technology, that voting still results in long queues – be it opening a brokerage account or applying for bank loan, we can do it on our mobile phones. By enabling facial recognition or fingerprint authentication plus Alipay ID 2FA code, wouldn’t it be nice to vote at home?

Maybe I really don’t know, it seems like in the entire world, people go out to vote, can anyone tell me why?

Not going to elaborate too much – either you get it (the underlying significance) or you don’t 😉