One of the top questions on people’s mind is whether magic internet blogging money is real? The answer is of course, a resounding YES. It is possible to make money by blogging, and I have managed to do so with different blogs. I suppose the three real questions that people wanted to ask are :

  • How to make money blogging?
  • Is it easy to make money blogging?
  • Can I have a step-by-step guide to make money blogging?

Welcome to Episode #1 of Make Money From Blogging!

By writing this post, the primary target audience is you – gentlemen and ladies who specifically have this goal in mind before starting, that is to make money blogging – and not hobbyist bloggers like myself who started simply it was fun. Of course, if you are already a blogger, this might be of interest to you if you wish to elevate your blog to another level. This post and subsequent ones will be the usual, no bullshit type and I will try to demystify some of the questions surrounding the whole make-money-blogging scene.

Make Money From Blogging - Income Chart 2019

If you’re interested and still reading, please take note that you are by default a targeted group of audience that people want to sell things to. Because you less likely to be a casual browsing type, but with high intent and therefore likely to action. Internet marketing gurus love to sell you an idea or vision of internet riches, and then hook you up to sign up for e-books, courses or blog hosting plans etc. Their goal is to sell you things or make money off you. Be careful out there.

Your next question will be, then Turtle Investor is going do the same, right? I can be perfectly honest by saying that, yes – I am going to suggest services or products that I am already using, that will get results and make our lives that much easier. I recommend them simply because I am already paying for them, and I have found them to be quality products and services. I will tell you that the links I drop in my blog has tonnes of disclaimers that state they are affiliate links, and that you will either get a better deal through me, or else feel free to not purchase through me. My aim is simple. I try provide knowledge and value; you will decide if I’m worth it. The important thing is to make you aware of this tactic, if you ever come across them.

For now, I will start with an introductory post as a sneak preview. Since this is a personal finance blog, I may refer to this niche as an example but really, it applies to all domains such as food, lifestyle, home improvement and travel etc.

How to make money from blogging?

First of all, we have to understand that making money (not specifically through blogging) is basically reliant on two factors – time and capital. When most of us start out, we have time but no money. Therefore, we exchange our time for money via work, in hope of using earned capital/money to generate more income for us.

This way of making money, it is not passive income, obviously. Hard work and effort needs to be put in. And regardless of what people say, it will never be entirely passive income. You can have content that is optimized for search engines, but they will become less relevant over time and search algorithms always change. But when there is a will, there is always a way – to adapt. The community will always been able to do so.

There are countless ways to monetize a blog. Serious folks will focus on data. At its fundamental, we are specifically monetizing blog traffic – meaning readers, who generate two things – page views (sessions) and the amount of time they spend reading i.e. traffic quality.

When you have both of the above, then you can begin to consider ways of monetization. Common ones include :

1. Advertising : Google Adsense is the first option for 99% of bloggers due to its low barrier to entry.

2. Sell products or services : Typical items include e-books and courses because there are the easiest content to churn out. The type of products sold are highly dependent on what niche you are in.

3. Affiliate/win-win links : Recommending other people’s products and services. We take a cut when there is a successful sale.

4. Sponsored posts : Get paid (money or product) to publish a post. They can either be drafted by the sponsor or entirely written by the blogger, or a combination of both.

Is it easy to make money from blogging?

I’ll be honest and say this : no, it isn’t. The tips and tricks to this niche has been posted and reposted a million times. The information has always been out there – the problem lies with access (are you able to gain the relevant information) and perseverance (are you able to keep at it, even when doing the right thing yields nothing).

It isn’t easy, but it is possible. 99% will give up before achieving any results. And yet, with the right help and the right attitude, we will be the 1%.

A step-by-step guide?

For obvious reasons, I can’t guarantee results. No one can. What I can do, is to make it easier for you to succeed. This is definitely not something that I will be able to finish writing in a single blog post. In time to come, I will write more posts to make it flow, sort of like a step-by-step guide. Even when I’m far from an expert, much of these are classic strategies and timeless advice. Of course, nothing better than to use a personal finance blog as an example, right?

A sneak preview then!

People want to start blogging, and they start noticing what platforms people are using – Blogger and WordPress. If you started looking for information online, most if not all gurus will suggest self-hosted WordPress.

Why? This is because they can kill two birds with one stone. One, they can honestly say that it is the truth. Long-term wise, WordPress is indeed the most powerful and extensible platform as the blog grows in size. Secondly, which is the more important reason, they can make their sales pitch and call-to-action that you have to get things right from the start with a self-hosted WordPress blog, which of course costs money. They will then attempt to recommend you to sign up for a web-hosting plan (most commonly Bluehost and they will earn US$65 from the sale). Nothing against Bluehost or bloggers that promote it, but I’m just saying this is the oldest strategy in the playbook. Make money off people who are trying to make money blogging – remember what I wrote at the start of this post?

Make Money From Blogging - What Bluehost Does

I will go against the flow and say that, it is perfectly fine to start with Blogger instead, and there are inherent advantages to doing so. The next post will explore the reasons why.

Wow, I made it to the end of this post without selling you anything or embedding a single affiliate link! Like what I’m writing? Give the post a like, leave a comment or talk to me on πŸ™‚