Welcome to Episode #2 of Make Money From Blogging!

To earn money from blogging, it is perfectly OK to start with Blogger instead of WordPress. In my last post, I have already written a simple introduction on how to make money from blogging and more importantly, warned against being targeted and exploited.

In this post, I will share my experience on starting blogging with Blogger and why it is fine to start with it :

  1. Blogger is free
  2. Blogger is owned by Google
  3. AdSense is owned by Google

I’m only mentioning Blogger and self-hosted WordPress because there isn’t really any point in using other platform in terms of monetisation. Either too troublesome or not worth the effort. To think that two decades ago, I was using a blogging platform called Movable Type .. the blogging community was so tiny back then!

Blogger Vs WordPress

Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. (Source – Wikipedia)

Also, it is important to make the distinction clear. When we say WordPress, we generally mean self-hosted WordPress – the kind that you need to run on paid web hosting, rather than WordPress.com – the free option like what you get on Blogger.

  • WordPress.org (self-hosted)
  • WordPress.com (free)

WordPress.com has its own version of ads program called Word Ads which is, to me, useless.

I decided to remove WordAds as it was $0.01 cents for 1,411 ad impressions. It’s not worth affecting the reader experience for now.

The above quote is from TheFI35.com (excellent blog by the way) and if I’m not wrong, he is using WordPress.com as his blogging platform.

1) Blogger Is Free

The number one reason why it is OK to start off with Blogger is that it is free. No cost. Zero dollars. This also means that there is no barriers to entry.

Some people have the idea that something that is free is by association, not good as a product or service that costs money? Not necessarily.

As a matter of fact, quite a few of the top bloggers in the Singapore personal finance community started off with Blogger, and still uses it as their blogging platform.

Starting off with a free platform also means that we’re free to try out new things, new ideas. No obligations! Start all over again? Why not.

Also, the argument that one would be more serious about something that is paid for e.g. gym membership is ridiculous. It’s all in the mind.

Being free is also an excellent advantage to have because the bandwidth available to you is basically infinite. If blog traffic spikes due to a viral post, Blogger is not going to pull the plug on you for exceeding “acceptable usage” and causing you to lose valuable ad revenue.

Now, why wouldn’t they do that? See next point.

2) Blogger is owned by Google

Google is known for making good decent and intuitive programs and applications. It is incredibly easy to get started using Blogger. Very minimal IT knowledge required. Anything that you don’t understand, simply Google for the answer.

Being a free platform, you have practically infinite bandwidth, even when you’re running ads and making money off it.

Good deal, huh?

3) AdSense is owned by Google

I mentioned in my previous post that there are numerous ways to monetize blog traffic, such as :

I’m mentioning ad revenue here because it is the easiest. But first, a local blog that has real AdSense earnings : Sipping Coconuts wrote about their side hustle and that “making money out of your blog may be harder than what you’d think”.

This is the place where I bring out my big earnings screenshot to earn credit and authority on this subject! But seriously, you do realize this is a common strategy that blogs would use to hook and bait us into thinking that yes, this is a somewhat credible source!

When I was with AdSense, my best ever month was December 2015 with S$45 from 15,000 page views 😛

So, Google AdSense is a program run by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are targeted to the site content and audience. (Source – Wikipedia)

When folks start thinking about blog monetisation, AdSense is the de facto option to explore because it has basically zero requirements. OK, as long as your blog content isn’t *ahem*questionable. Plus, it pays well enough!

Because both Blogger and Adsense are owned by Google, the two services can be seamlessly integrated and used together. Again, no IT knowledge required. Basically widget-based, you can choose to insert ads into specified locations on your blog.

While AdSense is an easy option to get started with, revenue is skewed heavily for pay-per-click and against pay-per-view. If readers aren’t clicking anything, you won’t make much.

Import Blogger Posts Into WordPress

One argument is that it is important to start off right from the start. Well, that’s true, sort of .. but nothing that is really catastrophic in nature. If we have built up a loyal fan base by then, simply put out a blog post or two to direct them to your new site, that’s all it takes to re-direct traffic.

People are interested in what you say, not blindly following a static website URL address.

To me, the real reason why so many so many so many blogs say so is because of affiliate marketing – they want to make money off you.

When you sign up for self-hosted WordPress via their affiliate links, they make money. Like US$65 worth of it. Nice, right?

Make Money From Blogging - What Bluehost Does

This isn’t to say their advice isn’t real or Bluehost sucks, but to be aware of the reason behind people’s sales pitch.

In the event that we started off with Blogger and wants to move to WordPress, it isn’t exactly a big problem. If one is technically inclinced like myself, it is fairly straightforward to export all blog posts from Blogger and import them into WordPress.

Just Google for it and there are plenty of tools to do so. Otherwise, many web-hosting companies have competent support that can assist with this process. At least mine does, even though I don’t require it.

Prior to blogging at turtleinvestor.net, I was writing at Blogger at singapore-index-investing.blogspot.com before I eventually did the export/import thing.

Last Bits ..

It doesn’t matter which bogging platform you eventually chooses. Having a domain name such as “turtleinvestor.net” is entirely independent of it.

For example, you can see that both Brian and Dawn have domain names on top of their blogs that’s hosted by Blogger.

If you want to start a blog and want to go with Blogger? Sure. It wouldn’t be an irreversible outcome (or problem) if you ever intend to switch to WordPress. In fact, it provides a good starting ground to begin your journey.

Well, let’s get that blog started and going first. At this point, it is really important to talk a little bit about what you want to blog about. This could be one huge blog post by itself, but let me bring up the most important point of all – and what I would have liked to know when I started.

Focus on something that you can churn out quality content, which isn’t necessarily your passion or hobbies. Why? Let’s say you enjoy travelling, so you blog about your two or four trips a year. There are people with inherent advantages e.g. existing full-time travel bloggers, travel-for-work folks, stationed-overseas folks etc that makes it very difficult for you to out-compete them.

On the other hand, a personal finance blog, if you happen to be interested in Financial Independence (FI), is great because you can approach FI using your unique personal situation and basically, your everyday life is applicable to FI. You will never run out of quality content.

And yes, there are indeed some things that are way better if we get it up, like really early. Like subscribers and social media.

See you in the next post 🙂


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