[Disclosure : Not a sponsored post]

Once upon a time, I was in the cash-back camp .. using a miles card. Ha! Didn’t see that coming, did you?!

My first credit card with Citi was the Premiere Miles. Of course, the conversion rates were different back then. 1,000 Citi Miles could be converted into a $10 rebate which effectively made it an 1.2% rebate card on everything. No minimum spend, no cap, no expiry, no gimmicks, no trickery. And the hotline was a dedicated one with no waiting and excellent service.

Right now? It’s going for 1,400 Citi miles to S$10. I figured I wasn’t going to let my Citi miles go to waste with such bad value, which was why I resumed my Business Class adventure.

See : Qatar Airways Business Class vs Singapore Airlines Business Class

Removed the sensitive details!

Four business class flights (wife + me) for S$418.80 + 40,000 miles = happy wife, happy life! Nope, I do not clock a single cent of business expense on my own card. Before you ask me how is it possible that I paid so little – see here for the US$100 biz ticket open-secret. Still left with 135,000 miles! Will blog again about this when I have more time.

As someone who has actually straddled both sides, no prize for guessing which camp I’m in now. And no, I’m not going to add to the spam by asking you to sign up for this or that. It’s like asking people whether Tiramisu or Roast Pork taste better – how do you even compare? You want either of it at some point in time.

The question we should be asking is : how much are people getting paid for (or rewarded with) for encouraging sign-ups via their referral/affiliate links? 😀