Some time back, I published my first net worth blog post – My Net Worth Is Only 5-Figure And I’m OK With It – and it was a fun exercise. The grand total I came up with back then was S$12,142.20 🙂

Nothing fantastic, but it was a tangible number I was comfortable with. I first started tracking my expenses since March 2013 and have enough data to plot a fairly accurate net worth chart from then till now. Blue bars for assets, red bars for liabilities and the dots for net worth.


Just a quick re-cap on what I consider as assets and liabilities in calculating my net worth. For assets, I added the following items.

  • Cash
  • Savings Account(s)
  • Investment Account(s)
  • Electronic Wallet Account(s) e.g. PayPal, GrabPay
  • CPF Account(s)
  • Investment Holdings

I specifically omitted the value of my HDB apartment.

A few years ago, I thought that it would be a “5-years-and-flip” kind of property and I would tend to include the market value of my apartment in net worth calculations. But now, I have started considering the possibility.. that what if we like it so much that we never move? Excluding market value of HDB but including HDB loan would thus makes sense.


This section is rather simple for me.

  • Credit Card(s)
  • Personal Loan(s) – Don’t Ask
  • HDB Loan(s) – I divided it by two since it is shared between my wife and me

What Now?

Life has been kind to me. What does two years and four months of hard work and luckily, peaceful lives look like? From S$12,142.20 two years ago to $129,978.36 now, I added about $50K per year give or take.

Not really spectacular, but good enough for me. I don’t subscribe to the YOLO lifestyle, but I do enjoy spending to create memories. A week at TripAdvisor World’s Best Hotel (2015) last year count as one of them.

Moving forward, I’m hoping to continue this kind of stable growth and the next major checkpoint for me would be at the end 2020 where the battle at the CPF front would be largely settled. One small step towards retirement planning. Onward!