The thing about mystery shopping is that you’ve got to pay for everything up front with your own money. Then, you wait patiently for eventual payment to be made afterwards.

On Christmas Day itself, I was credited with the payment I was supposed to receive – Woohoo! Even though it was a long wait (I had completed my assignment for a month and a half already), as least I can confirm that this is a legitimate company.


[Category] Mystery Shopping (Restaurant)
[Payment Type] USD $30.00
[Payment Mode] PayPal
[Date Requested] 10th Nov 2013
[Date of Payment] 25th Dec 2013

Payment Proof

I have blanked out all identity related information, and provided the screenshots below of my PayPal account. The amount credited was more than USD$30.00 because I was reimbursed for the cost of the meal as well.

Mystery Shopping Payment Proof