After a lengthy 4 months, MySurvey finally sent me the NTUC Voucher that was promised. All in all, this is a legit Paid Survey site despite them ignoring two of my online enquiries regarding the missing reward. Guess they don’t put in too much efforts into replying online messages.

In future, I guess you’ll be better off choosing PayPal as the payment mode like what I did previously, and happily pocket the money is a week’s time.


[Category] Paid Survey
[Payment Type] SGD $10 (using 500 Points)
[Payment Mode] NTUC Voucher
[Date Requested] 8th Nov 2013
[Date of Payment] 27th Mar 2014

Payment Proof

I have blanked out all identity related information, and provided the screenshots below of the letter and voucher I’ve received from MySurvey.

MySurvey Payment Proof NTUC Voucher