Part 2 of Nikko AM advertistment on Today newspaper. If you want to achieve the below easily, consider this :

– Regular Savings Plan (RSP) @ 0% sales charge (until 31 Dec 2013)
– Minimum investment sum of $100 monthly
(not sure about the initial investment, $1000 if I’m not wrong)

Fund Name 
– Nikko AM Balanced Funds – MyHome Fund HomeGrowth
– 80% into the Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF; and
– 20% into the ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund.
– Management Fee 0.5% p.a. from Fund Factsheet

Extracted from POSB Website

How does RSP work?

– With a RSP you make fixed monthly investments, regardless of market conditions
You avoid the uncertainties of market timing, by not speculating on the “right” time to invest your capital as a lump sum
– By investing a regular sum each time, you have the benefit of “dollar cost averaging” through buying fewer investment units when prices rise but more units when prices fall
– Over time, your average unit cost is lower than the average market price of the security during the same period of time