This is not the first time I have written on this, and it is amazing the number of people who landed on this humble little blog looking for Nikko AM STI ETF dividends or ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund ETF dividends. This stems from the fact that Nikko AM Asia press room doesn’t state the dividends distributions.

Not to worry. As a once-newbie investor, I was also at a lost in the beginning before realizing is my best friend. Head over to Singapore Exchange, click Company Information, and then Corporate Action. You can then select which ever company or ETF you want (you can even leave the other fields default, it doesn’t matter) and click on Go.

Nikko AM STI ETF Dividends – 2015 Part 1

Ex-Date : 02-Jan-2015
Date Payable : 15-Jan-2015
How Much Dividend ?! $0.0495

Nikko AM STI ETF Dividends – 2015 Part 2

Ex-Date : 01-Jul-2015
Date Payable : 15-Jul-2015
How Much Dividend ?! $0.0482

ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund ETF – 2015

Ex-Date : 02-Jan-2015
Date Payable : 15-Jan-2015
How Much Dividend ?! S$0.0305

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