Look what I found when I was doing some packing during the long weekend! Once upon a time, Papa/Mama CPF loan wasn’t really an option (hint: there wasn’t much in them) so I couldn’t borrow from them.

Long story short, I ended up borrowing from the bank for my university studies. Not too sure if this is still a thing, but we could actually borrow $2,000 to buy a crappy HP-Compaq laptop.

It was interest-free too, until a ‘certain point’ in time. I can’t really remember how it works, but I remember paying it in full before any interest kicked in.

Unfortunately, the real kicker was the tuition fees. Averaging roughly $2,260 per semester, interest kicked in upon graduation. I wasn’t such a smart boy (see below, haha) in the past but I wised up eventually. I found someone that I could borrow from, at a lower interest rate 😛

Loans like these aren’t a bad thing, considering that they gave me the education and opportunity to make a lot more in return. What I wanna say is that, there are lots of people who haven’t figured how the whole personal finance game is played. Some never will.

And yet, it is never too late. The statements above are from twelve years ago. A dozen years is a really long time. I feel old >.<

In that time, I paid off my debts. Got married. Got myself a BTO. Got a good job. Became jobless. Got a BETTER job. Yadda yadda yadda.

No, not really. I haven’t got it all figured out. I just have a pretty good idea right now. It is never too late to start 🙂 Folks like us who have been in the doldrums? We know how it feels like to be at the lowest of lows. We are also very capable of cherishing and protecting what we now have.

I enjoy watching plenty of random stuff and pick up little tidbits from all sorts of places. 陈秋实 is one of them who recorded tonnes of short clips. Basically an influencer from China, he is a lawyer who has an interesting backstory. (only if you understand Mandarin)