I have a Bosch stacked washer and dryer set in my service yard, and they have been performing admirably for the past seven years. Not as nice looking as the one below but you get the idea.

Life is too short for laundry (hahaha) which is why having a dryer at home is a must for me. How a dryer works is pretty simple – washed clothes are tumbled in the dryer unit and the hot air + water vapour is ventilated to the outside of the house via a tube.

As far as cheap materials go, it (the ventilation tube) looked like this (sample photo, not my house) after a few years.

It .. disintegrated. I suppose wear-and-tear is setting in. As much as I’ve tried to prevent it, there are times when I simply had to concede defeat. Well, briefly.

A quick search online for a replacement tube led me to :

No way I’m paying $70 for a ventilation tube! That’s probably like 1/10 of how much the dryer costs right? I guess an alternative solution is needed.

Distilling my twelve years of national service plus reservist experience and knowledge into one single piece of most useful information ever known to mankind — black tape solves all problems — I begun my search on Lazada. To value-add, I figured from my previous work experience that heavy duty industrial tape probably lasts even longer is indestructible, so I bought a roll for a grand total of $1.20 (vs $70 for a new ventilation tube). Free delivery too, courtesy of being LiveUp member.

I began my handiwork. The wire frame was found to be in very good condition, so that’s a plus. The plastic at the area that frequently rubs against the window frame is totally disintegrated in certain spots, so that sucks. Patched it up with a combination of lots of tape ..

.. Tadah! Works great now, and I still have quite a bit of leftover tape for future repairs. Heck, I could probably buy ten rolls for $12 and have enough to tape up the entire ventilation tube. Money saved and mission accomplished 🙂

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Crypto Conference :
The crypto crash is upon us, and there is no better time to poke around and learn more. I’ll be attending my first ever crypto conference at Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in January 2019 that is organised by Binance. Early bird tickets are going for only US$50, usual price @ US$599. Nope, I don’t earn referral fees.