You Need A Budget

When it rains, the poorly designed shelter doesn’t help much against the rain and water splashes onto my metal gate + front door of my HDB apartment. Water literally pools at the entrance of my home when it pours. Made a complaint feedback but HDB refuses to budge.

The crappy door knob eventually broke at two places and fell off.

Made a few calls and eventually settled for a locksmith to come and replace the lock/knob set. Not the cheapest but it got the job done quickly with warranty. I have a sinking fund for household matters. Every month, I’d budget a few dollars in case things like these happen. No stress!


Recently came across a doppelgänger in the local personal finance blogging scene. Turns out we have quite some similarities in addition to having the same handle/name. Show him some love 🙂

In case people gets confused, I’ll probably start leaving comments as Kevin, Turtle Investor and of course, you know where to find me. Right here!

Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust

Saw quite a few posts on Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust due to its poor price performance as a result of the Hong Kong protests.

Shall not add to much to it but a word of caution – perhaps following social media would be a good idea.

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