Piew! Just like that, one year has passed since I last wrote about Ohm and its discount price-plan.

Gaaahhh! We can’t live without air-conditioning so there is a price to pay. The 25% discount price-plan is awesome when it comes to lessening the burden on my pocket. Remember what I wrote last year?


A little-known promotion called More Ohm, More Rewards – when I renew on Ohm Discount (12-month Ohm Discount) : Additional 1.5% discount will be applied on prevailing 12-month Ohm Discount rate (at point of renewal) throughout Supply Term.

This means that, my Ohm price plan would be revised to 26.5% off.

Ohm Referral Code

Pretty much this. Email came. If I’m agreeable to the improved terms, I don’t need to do anything. Bill will continued to be serviced via SP Group so no change is required to the original billing arrangement.

Is there any discount rate that is more than 26.5% in Singapore?

OK – time to be a little thick-skin. If you need a referral code and join 1 of the 16 that got $20 off last year (that’s you and me, we’d both get $20 credit), here a code :  

Ohm Referral Code

With the increasing trend of tariff rates, getting a fixed price plan last year would have worked out really well but hey, that’s life. Win some, lose some or win less sometimes. Not losing any sleep on small money as long as I keep clocking the 26.5% every year.

What are you waiting for? At the very least, please get off SP Group already πŸ™‚