First Posted : Jan 2018
Last Updated : 1st May 2018

An easter egg is a feature that is commonly found in online role-playing games that I enjoy. Wikipedia defines an easter egg as “an intentional inside joke, hidden message or image, or secret feature of a work”. Congratulations – you have just found an easter egg!

This blog is primarily an index investing blog, which is why I’m not comfortable writing this topic in my main blog because the RSS feed would be re-posted in blog aggregators. Hence, the presence of this page.

Either I’m going to be the Biggest Idiot or the greatest I-Told-You-So-Guy.

Anyway, this page is a collection of my thoughts as well as online resources regarding OmiseGO. Content will change as and when more resources become available. See the date at the top of the page for a rough guide.

What is OmiseGO?

OmiseGO is a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets, that enables real-time, peer-to-peer value exchange and payment services agnostically across jurisdictions and organizational silos, and across both fiat money and decentralized currencies. Designed to enable financial inclusion and disrupt existing institutions, access will be made available to everyone via the OmiseGO network and digital wallet framework.

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Quite a mouthful huh? Understand that at the end of the day, OmiseGO is primarily an infrastructure play – neither an application nor a service. Other entities (e.g. Pesabase, Electrify Asia, Hoard Exchange) are going to build on top of OmiseGO.

Just so you don’t get confused, Omise and OmiseGo are separate entities.

Another interesting perspective on what OmiseGO is ..

2018, February : It is the lightning network for everything | Source

Indeed it is. Background story: It’s what the guy (Joseph Poon) who invented Lightning Network actually wanted to create in the first place, going back to 2014, but Bitcoin had too many limitations so he compromised and produced Lightning instead. Then he started working in Ethereum, wrote Plasma, wrote OMG network as the showcase use-case, and the rest will be history.

It’s information that was shared privately (and demonstrated/proven with PGP signed emails going back to 2014). No news articles (yet). Though you could show up to talks or conferences and ask about it in person, if you think the historicity of this is important to establish (as more than just interesting trivia).

Blockchains and crypto-currencies are here to stay whether we like it or not. Some projects would end up being so important and influential that it is impossible to know their impact on the world that we live in.

The original vision of bringing cryptocurrency to the masses was too simplistic. OmiseGO isn’t about convincing people to adopt new or better (crypto) currencies. Instead, it is about creating infrastructure which facilitates free transfer of value no matter what form that value make take.

OmiseGO Official Blog

Read the OmiseGO Official Guide first.
Other items of interest can be found below.


Start here. You don’t need to run around too many places reading crappy information.
These three are more than enough to give you a good primer.


Once again, you don’t need to go around too many places viewing useless videos by YouTubers.
Most of them aren’t helpful at all.


Rare interview with Special Advisor of OmiseGO, Thomas Greco, recorded in 2016. Vinay Gupta had joined Ethereum in 2015 as the release coordinator for Ethereum. To be honest, I can’t remember where I got the clip from.


The wonderful thing about blockchain is that everything is so transparent. Wallets are simply public addresses. Without the private keys, you can’t access and withdraw tokens from them. Check out Etherscan and we can easily know which wallets are holding how many tokens.


Reddit is one of the best source/aggregation of legit information on OmiseGO. Lots of noise – filter through those.


Official information right from the source itself. Once criticized for too much hyping, they have toned down their engagement on social media considerably.

Projects Confirmed Building / Integrating With OmiseGO Infrastructure

  • Pesabase – Low cost remittance, payments and banking for Africa

Advisor from OmiseGO : Vansa Chatikavanij

  • Electrify Asia – Building an intelligent energy ecosystem for Asia

Advisor from OmiseGO : Jun Hasegawa

  • Hoard Exchange – Facilitating true ownership of virtual gaming assets

Advisor from OmiseGO : Vansa Chatikavanij

Because the Developer Wallet utilizes OmiseGO’s SDK, it’s able to protect developers against volatility by automatically converting tokens the customer pays with into any cryptocurrency the developer wants.

“We are pleased Hubii Network will be using OmiseGO’s innovations in scalable smart contracts to solve the issues around micro-payments. We believe the OmiseGO fully public network and decentralized payment platform will bring an unprecedented level of financial freedom to the content industry,” says Vansa Chatikavanij, Managing Director, OmiseGO.

Projects Possibly Building On OmiseGO Infrastructure

  • MVLchain – Incentive-based blockchain mobility ecosystem | Link

Friends Of OmiseGO

  1. Ethereum Foundation
    // Ex-Advisor : Thomas Greco
  2. Web3 Foundation (Polkadot)
    // Advisor : Thomas Greco
  3. Interchain Foundation (Cosmos)
    // Advisor : Thomas Greco
  4. Hoard Exchange – Facilitating true ownership of virtual gaming assets
    // Team : Wendell Davis
    // Advisor : Vansa Chatikavanij
  5. imapp (Golem) – Polish software development and consulting company and is the main contractor developing Golem. Since late 2015, imapp has worked as a contractor for Omise (and later OmiseGO). This is a long term relationship and is about much more than just a contractual obligation. Working with OmiseGO gives imapp an opportunity to work on exciting technology directly related to the Ethereum ecosystem. The OmiseGo team at imapp is responsible for the development and implementation of OmiseGO’s blockchain infrastructure. More history here.

OmiseGO Timeline

2015, Late : Omise Blockchain Lab | Source

Prior to 2017 Omise was operating the Blockchain Lab in stealth because apparently we didn’t want to alert potential industry competitors. Little did we know that no one else even cared at the time!
* See imapp above

2015, December : DevGrant Funding for Ethereum | Source

As one of the very first corporate supporter of the Ethereum DevGrant, OmiseGO provided a $100,000 DevGrant funding for Ethereum.

2016, March : Omise Becomes Special Advisor To Ethereum Foundation | Source

Omise is now official Special Advisor for Ethereum.

2017, May : Omise Relinquished Role As Special Advisor To Ethereum Foundation

Via Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

2017, June : OmiseGO Founded + ICO | Source

Omise Blockchain Lab reached the point of commercialization and has been pushed it out of “lab” status and into the business world under OmiseGO Pte. Ltd.

2017, September : OmiseGO Airdrop | Source

The OMG airdrop is the first airdrop of a token to the Ethereum network, but we hope it will not be the last. It is our hope that our action will set an example for future token projects to do their part by doing airdrops to the Ethereum network, thereby tightly aligning all the interests seeking to use the Ethereum network for token sales with the interests of the Ethereum community.

2018, January : Electrify Asia COO Gobsmacked By OmiseGO | Video

.. the preliminary results so far that we’ve seen from Omisego has been wow… pretty incredible… really incredible. So lets just put it this way. We can’t steal any thunder away from their announcements in the next few months. I dare say this. I think everyone are going to be seriously surprised at what OMG is going to be capable of… we were gobsmacked… seriously gobsmacked…the numbers were… it gives credit card companies a run for their money I dare say.

2018, February : OmiseGO Launches Ethereum Community Fund With Other Projects | Source

OmiseGO will be joining other leading Ethereum-supporting projects Cosmos, Golem, Maker, Global Brain Blockchain Labs, and Raiden in announcing the creation of the “Ethereum Community Fund” (ECF), a unique, highly networked vehicle dedicated to the acceleration of infrastructure and decentralized application development.

2018, February : OmiseGO eWallet SDK Beta (Fuseki ) Launched | Source

.. the repositories for the OmiseGO eWallet, as well as our first server and mobile SDKs, are now publicly available for the purpose of onboarding eWallet providers.

2018, April : Quantstamp Working With OmiseGO To Secure Implementation Of Plasma | Source

Don confirmed a relationship with OmiseGO to secure and formally verify the root-chain smart contract of OMG implementation of Plasma Protocol.

2018, April : OmiseGO Announces Hard Spoon With Cosmos | Source

Essentially, a hard spoon takes the balances of a given token on an existing chain and duplicates it onto another chain. In this case, OMG token balances will be replicated onto a Tendermint chain that gets connected to Cosmos.

2018, April : OmiseGO And MakerDAO Alliance | Source

Dai will be available on the OMG DEX. OMG network users will have the option to hold, send and trade against Dai from day one, gaining the benefits of a stabilized asset without having to rely on a centralized third party to guarantee its viability. Maker will soon be releasing multi-collateral Dai, which will allow a variety of assets to be used as collateral for CDP creation. The OMG token will be among the first options offered.

2018, April : Omise To Launch Subsidiary To Develop User-facing Crypto Exchange Network | Source

.. we are working to acquire small to mid size exchanges that will ultimately transact via OMG Network. OmiseGO’s mandate is to build the back-end infrastructure to support the exchange of value across blockchains, and the wallet SDK to provide the means for users and service providers to easily take advantage of all of the OMG Network’s capabilities; it will not produce a consumer-facing exchange platform. However, our new (yet to be named) subsidiary will be tasked with building that functionality.

2018, May : OmiseGO Roadmap Update | Source

We heard your confusion about spoons, timelines, parallel developments and milestones and we’ve done our best to address them here. The visual roadmap above is an overview of what we are building and our progress to date. 

Easter Egg Within An Easter Egg

I like puzzles. There is something very intriguing about the OmiseGO project. If you look hard enough, you will find it.