[Category] Paid Survey
[Name] Valued Opinions
[Reward] Gift Certificates for major retailers e.g. Golden Village, Robinsons, Cold Storage

[Redemption Threshold] SGD $20
[Referral System] No

The Valued Opinions website may not look like it has much to offer, but it looks like a totally legitimate Paid Survey operator in Singapore. Instead of a points system, it uses a cash tracking system which allocates a fixed amount of money to each individual survey. So far, I’ve joined Valued Opinions for a little less than two weeks and have completed two surveys, both of which offers pretty good money. Typically, your Valued Opinions account will be credited within 28 days of successfully completing a paid survey. Till then, it will be in a pending state.

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[Official Website]

Valued Opinions is a service which rewards you for taking part in market research surveys. It is your opportunity to shape the future of industries and the development of new products. Valued Opinions is made up of a select group of people from specialized backgrounds, all of whom share a desire to both help improve the landscape of their industries and to drive the development of better consumer products and services.

Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now, a leading online fieldwork and panel specialist. Our mission for this panel is highly practical. With quality and trust at the forefront of our business, we seek to create a problem-solving think tank which can provide actionable feedback for the business community.