Let me first congratulate myself on accumulating some decent paper losses! I have waited a long time for this. Just to be clear, I have long-term faith in my portfolio and thus, have not and will not engage in any panic selling.

To be frank, it didn’t affect me much physically and mentally. I eat well and I sleep well. I went about my daily routine and grabbed the opportunity to purchase a little bit of STI ETF.

The 20% drop/correction didn’t exactly have the impact I was expecting. I truly thought I that might feel a little bit more anxious than what I experienced. Why is that so?

Have the books I read taught me that such an event is nothing to be afraid of? That it should be embraced instead of feared?


P/E ratio of STI ETF isn’t that high at the moment, which gives an idea of how expensive the SG market is. SPDR STI ETF currently spots a P/E ratio of 11.45 with a distribution yield of 3.3%. No one knows whether the worst is over. Sit tight, and hang on. Things will get better eventually.

Turtle Investor Annual Giveaway

September is here, and that means the annual Turtle Investor giveaway is coming! Now into its third year, I haven’t quite decided what I will be giving out this year but it will probably be something related to investing for sure. More info will be available really soon.

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