Rewards from My Survey are administered by PerksPlus. As an initial test, I redeemed S$5 using 280 points, which was the minimum redemption threshold. I was delighted to receive the payment amount of S$5 seven days after requesting for it!

If I had chosen to redeem for a NTUC voucher instead, the rate of exchange would be more favorable at only 500 points for a S$10 voucher. Once I hit the 500 points threshold (currently at 410 points, probably would need another survey or two), I will be requesting for a cash voucher to see how it would work.



[Category] Paid Survey
[Payment Type] SGD $5 (using 280 Points)
[Payment Mode] PayPal
[Date Requested] 16th Oct 2013
[Date of Payment] 23rd Oct 2013

Payment Proof

I have blanked out all identity related information, and provided the screenshots below of my PayPal account.