Writing on this blog is fun! I don’t preach, but I share what I’m doing – from CPF (Milestone For Myself As A 35-Year-Old), HDB (Choosing A Longer HDB Loan) to investments (Index Investing In Singapore 2018). Come 24th December 2012, I would have blogged for 6 years – first on Blogger, and later on WordPress till today. Not necessarily popular opinions, but I’m happy with the choices I’ve made and know the reasons behind my decisions. And this is what blogging is all about ūüôā

I started writing because of Index Investing (after reading The Millionaire Teacher on one fateful day), but I have always maintained that a small portion of my portfolio is designated as my “play money“. I first wrote about it in October 2013, and you can see that I held Apple and CMT back then. Wow, fun times! Of course, the components have changed a fair bit since then. Index Investing is boring, and I must admit, having this component ironically kept me interested in the finance industry and pushed me to learn more about it.

With a little bit of good luck, the average Joe writing this blog post might even hit CPF Full Retirement Sum in 2019 (Basic Healthcare Sum of $57,200 and Full Retirement Sum of $176,000) at 37 years old without doing a single top-up. Ha! After which, the FUN stuff really starts Рbecause annual CPF interest earned would be sufficient to cater for the annual increase in CPF Retirement Sum! With this development on the CPF front, a lot can possibly change.

This is also why my “play money” portfolio¬†has now been sort of designated as my non-core, family portfolio with the intention of providing a (small) stream of passive income in the event that I decide to do something crazy like go travelling or … something. Even if that happens, I foresee myself to be engaging in some form of remote-based work such as blogging or affiliate marketing etc.¬†During such times, having a small stream of passive income would be helpful, to say the least. No better way to learn about constructing an income-producing portfolio¬†than building one right?

I digress. As always, whatever I write here is simply sharing a snapshot of what I have at this point in time.

“Crisp $50 Bill” – Wifey Portfolio

Fun fact – the “crisp and blue $50 bill” wifey dividend portfolio is kicking my ass and trouncing the STI ETF with its 1-year track record. Never expected it but that’s life, right?¬†I started the portfolio to get her interested in investment, and it has really helped.

Portfolio :
– CapitaLand Mall Trust
– Frasers Centrepoint Trust
– AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT

“Play Money” – Hubby Portfolio

No chart, but I’m happy to share the components below. As described earlier, the theme is income-producing assets! I have held some for years, whereas some were new additions this year.

Portfolio Components (Defensive) :
– CapitaLand Mall Trust
– Frasers Centrepoint Trust
– Mapletree Commercial Trust
–¬†Lion-Phillip S-REIT ETF

Portfolio Components (Aggressive) :
– AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT
РAccordia Golf Trust // See 2018 developments
– First REIT // See 2018 developments

Portfolio Components (Non-REIT Anchor) :
– DBS Group Holdings // $1.20 per yr dividend policy (2019)
РSingapore Exchange (SGX) // 7.5 cents per quarter dividend policy (2019)
– Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) //¬†S$0.175 per share “expected” (2019, 2020)

Keep Calm

And there you have it. What I have is what you see above. For now, I’m looking forward to what 2019 brings me. The end of the year is fast approaching and there will probably be a few more big posts (the usual CPF and net-worth thingies that folks like to see) coming up. Market has been rather volatile lately – stay calm and chill ūüėČ