It’s chart time! OK, before we start, let me do a little self-promotion for my Twitter account where I do micro updates and lots of stuff that either doesn’t find its way here or just simply irrelevant.

Year 2019 isn’t over yet but it has been a good year, both domestically and globally. The end of the world stock market crash didn’t happen. Congrats to all who stayed invested.

The DIY process of my dividend portfolio is fun, and that was what that really mattered. OK, besides the money. One of the first books on personal finance I read was by Andrew Hallam, the millionaire teacher – and the concept of play/fun money really resonated with me.

I’m remain a firm believer in index investing but my dividend portfolio has been loads of fun, be it the creation or maintenance. Just this year, Asian Pay TV [sold], Keppel and Accordia Golf have all given me good reasons to cheer – but that also meant that I’m at risk of losing my dividend counters.

Trounced (haha I know some bloggers love to use terms that sound like The New Paper soccer section) the Straits Times Index because REITs went mad.

Dividend Portfolio vs ES3

I’ll be honest. In terms of overall portfolio (including index ETFs, SSBs etc) I’m actually lagging behind the good old Vanguard Total World Stock (VT).

Yeah, I know – Bogle and Hallam, you guys were right. You guys have always been right. That’s why I went down this route, because of you guys.

Full Portfolio vs VT

But wait, I do know that I lost .. to VT, but at least let me show the full picture.

Shit didn’t hit the fan this year, which IS a good thing. Happy about it.

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Updated : My pet bunny likes you, CN.

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