A quick post to answer an occasional question that I get – what portfolio tracker am I using?

Everyone has different preferences and different requirements, and I’m not going to get into the dirty details and rather, I’ll just simply sharing what I’m using and what I like about it.

Financial Times – International & SGX

A portfolio tracker I’ve been using for quite a few years that seemed to be little-known by many is by Financial Times. Financial Times doesn’t seemed to be that popular in Singapore but it ranks among one of the more important business read together with The Wall Street Journal and The Economist. OK, enough with the background story.

Even less known is that it has a decent, and free, online portfolio tracker. The main reason that I use it is because it allows tracking (transactions) of stocks and funds on all markets. This is important to me because of the nature of my portfolio which has stocks and ETFs on both SGX and London Stock Exchange (LSE).

It looks great, does its job, and has nifty features such as automatic dividend tracking, performance charts etc as well.


These are just some counters that I have owned at some point in time. Even after selling all your units, it will still display it in your portfolio. This is because when you ever buy it again in future, it resumes the necessary tracking. Too bad there is no option to hide it for now.


The main reason I use it is because of VWRD tracking for my Bogleheads 3-Fund portfolio. One glance, bird’s eye view.

SGXcafe – SGX Only

If you into Singapore counters only, I’m using SGXcafe which has some pretty cool features and does a great job for me. In particular, all the metrics and tracking it provides is fantastic. For example, you can easily compare your portfolio versus the Straits Times Index time-weighted returns. No matter how good you think you are, results don’t lie.

If you’re an index investor, the markets haven’t been too kind to you in the past few years (especially if you’re STI only) unless you’ve been putting in your money aggressively during the most depressing of all times e.g. the start of the year comes to mind immediately.

Since I started my journey, the ES3 recorded a dismal time-weighted returns of 0.07% – did someone say, doldrums? Thankfully, my portfolio deviated in the “correct” direction 😉


Previously, I wrote about the troubles SGXcafe was facing and I can see tremendous improvements and increased number of users. Why not give it a try? If you find it useful, consider donating some money to keep it going.

Ticker App – International & SGX

A post on portfolio tracker would be incomplete without a mention on mobile app. Half to one-third of the visitors to my blog are already via mobile devices.


Ticker is a paid app, but you do get to try out the free version with limited features. I don’t need such an app and so, I don’t pay for it. If you’re a heavy-user then this is by-far one of the best app I’ve come across.

Any good portfolio trackers or apps you’re using? Let me know!

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I’ve skipped book #2 and #3 and selected book #4 of Show Me The Money series by Teh Hooi Ling, which I felt was an excellent read. After blogging for so long, many times I realized that the journey is much more than just investing. One free copy is available for a lucky reader!

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