Ever wanted to read the must-haves of investing world but balked at the cost of the books?

A quick post here just for you guys. With new media and new business models, the world is filled with fantastic deals – all we have to do it is to find them, and make use of them.

Today, let’s take a look at Scribd – more simply known as the Netflix for books. Basically, it is a monthly subscription buffet service for books instead of videos.

With a typical free-trial of 14-days, many might feel that it is too short. What if I can give you more time? How does 90 days sound? Enough for you? Why settle for less when you can have more!

Important Points

First, you need a paypal account. The first 3 months is free but you must remember to deactivate your account or the recurring charges will kick in! I bear no responsibility if that happens!

Then, go to https://www.scribd.com/promo and enter the promo code “WOMENSHEALTH”. Yeah, whatever, haha. No idea how long the promo code will last though.

Lastly, follow the instructions and sign up!

Now, you can enjoy the likes of The Intelligent Investor (value investing), The Elements Of Investing, or even Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam (index investing) for free! Now, you won’t be able to find all the books that you want (you can do a simple search prior to signing up), but a decent selection is available. There is also fiction, self-help, all sorts of stuff etc.

Read one book a week and you would have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of value at the end of 3 months. Once again, remember to deactivate your account if you don’t wish to pay!