An absolutely, ridiculously mundane morning three months ago, before the events of this short story, told from the perspective of “Shifu”.

Who’s The Real Champion?


Yeeeaahh. Already 11am? It’s the 5th time I’ve missed breakfast this month – 5 days in a row! Damn, that feels good. And hungry.

That’s what champions are made of! We wake up at 11am and only work 2.17 hours a day.

*handphone buzz*

Oh look at that email – another eager soul has signed up for my free course. No worries, Fei Hong, my <insert nationality> trainer, will be getting in touch with him soon to facilitate the on-boarding process.

*handphone buzz*

Woohoo! Another dude (aka late-for-work-guy-in-previous-blog-post) has signed up for the web-host and auto-responder that I have recommended in my free course. Money in my pocket!


That Fei Hong dude I hired is really good huh? The sign-up rates are way higher than that previous lazy-bum I hired. Maybe it’s time I give him a raise. US$5 per sign-up ain’t gonna cut it with him. Maybe I shall pay him US$8, and tell him I’ll up it to US$10 per sign-up if he can hit my monthly target.

Free course. Ha! Guess what – people really love free stuff, especially when it promises them online passive income! Well, at least I didn’t lie and it’s not like a Ponzi scheme or anything. I only forgot to mention that I’m making referral fees from everyone who signs up for web-hosting and auto-responders via my custom web link.


This is what I call real passive income. These poor folks probably think they are talking to me when it has always been Fei Hong who’s been replying their web-chats and emails. He does all the hard work, and I get most of the money.


Old Dog With New Tricks

Come to think of it, my old website has been running for quite a while. Maybe it’s time to come up with a new name and a new sales pitch.

Hmm. Let’s try making it seem like a really exclusive course this time. Let me get in touch with my protégé and see what we can come up with.

*tap-tap-tap on handphone*

“Hey Muthu-brudda? Shivu here! How are you doing …”

A Gentle Poke

Hope that you have enjoyed my two-part short story and my numerous references to part-one. This is just a cheeky little story inspired by real-life events – don’t get offended! I’m not saying it is real or fake, but trying to show you how a plausible and resourceful internet marketer could work.

There are many niches that are profitable. To make money, you gotta satisfy what people want and need. The “make-money-online” niche is near the top, for sure. If you are not careful, you risk become the one who is making other people rich!

Psst. Still want to make money online?