Frasers Centrepoint Trust – Preferential Offering

Basically a non-renounce-able rights issue of 31 for every 1,000 held. Applied for 1,000 (including allocated) and received 600 units.

The process is pretty simple. Basically, they will send you a letter which you don’t even need. Go to the ATM and apply. In my case, I applied for 1,000 units so they deducted $2,350 ($2.35 x 1,000) + $2 (fee) from my POSB savings account.

Because the new units will be listed on 18-Jun-2019, I tried checking both my bank account (for any refunded money) and CDP account the night before (it was close to midnight) but no updates there. On the morning of 18-Jun-2019 around 7:30am, I logged-in to my CDP account see the allocated units reflected but still no sign of refunded money for my 400 units that I didn’t get, until later in the day itself.

New Addition To Dividend Portfolio – Keppel

I added Keppel Corp at around $6 when my price alert went off, even though I was hoping to suppress the number of stocks on hand. Blame my itchy finger. (want to get your own chart?) Cost yield is hovering around 6.39% now.

The stock market has been feeling kind of bubbly lately. Thread carefully.

Maybank Kim Eng – Discontinued Monthly Investment Plan (MIP)

With effect from 12 June 2019, Maybank Kim Eng will be discontinuing the Monthly Investment Plan (MIP). A one-time discounted offline brokerage rate (charged at online rates) will apply for MIP clients between 12 June 2019 to 31 December 2019.

Unfortunately, I got screwed when I sold my odd lots because the sell-price sucks.

  • Sold off all STI ETF purchased under MIP
  • Allocated some funds for AutoWealth

Why did I allocate a portion of the funds into AutoWealth? My allocation to Singapore equities (dividend-producing ones) have stealthily increased over time, and it would be prudent to divert a little bit of funds back into international equities/bonds to get it back to the desired allocation.

StashAway – Withdrew All Funds

StashAway was actually doing pretty well this year (and overall) since I started investing with them. The decision to withdraw all my StashAway funds is because it was a really tiny percentage of my overall portfolio, plus I have done so in order to streamline and simplify my portfolio.

If we’re talking purely about performance, StashAway was slightly out-performing AutoWealth. To be fair, it is difficult to have an exact apple-to-apple comparison due to other factors such as investment amount, frequency and referrals made.

In terms of other features, there were pros and cons for both platforms that I took into consideration. AutoWealth and StashAway were neck-and-neck and I believe that both would withstand the test of time.

At the end of the day, I went with AutoWealth which already had a far bigger portfolio size. It is my view that if 20% of my effort can yield 80% of the results, it is good enough for me. I will not be chasing the remaining 20% that requires 80% of my effort. For now, option A has out-performed option B, but what will the future hold? Deep down, I’m happy with market returns.

For now, I have decided not to start any investment-related activities with MoneyOwl until their Comprehensive Financial Planning (integrating national schemes) feature is ‘live’.

  • Withdrew entire StashAway portfolio
  • Allocated some funds for AutoWealth

Random Thoughts

No, I didn’t apply for the Astrea bonds and yes, Facebook unveiled their plans for world domination with the Libra cryptocurrency. Payments appears to be the new holy grail, and that is why companies like Singtel, Grab, Go-Jek and Razer are all scrambling for a piece of the pie.

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