Sometimes, the most boring posts are the most helpful!

After working hard accumulating all these miles, it is finally time to redeem those sweet, sweet miles to actually start flying in luxury.

I recently wrote about using 40,000 KrisFlyer miles to redeem for 4 business-class flights with Singapore Airlines. What I didn’t mention was that I didn’t have enough miles in my KrisFlyer account, so I converted 25,000 DBS points to 50,000 KrisFlyer miles. Once inside the KrisFlyer account, the clock starts ticking and the 3-year expiry starts – which is why I don’t do it until I need it. Happened to be a good time anyway, because some DBS points expire after one year and a small tranche of them were due to expire.

It may sound like a trivial process but hey, I know people like to read up on such stuff before doing it themselves. I’m one of them and I love a good guide 🙂

#1 : DBS Credit Card Rewards Website

Go to DBS Credit Card Rewards and log in. You’ll see the screen below.

You can see the number of points you have on the right and the detailed breakdown.

#2 : DBS Points Breakdown

My DBS Points breakdown looked like this. You can see how many points you have from which credit card.

I have the DBS Altitude Visa (where DBS points don’t expire) and DBS Woman’s World Card (where points expire after 1 year).

A single redemption can be made across as many cards as you want, so you only pay the admin fee of $25 + 7% GST once.

#3 : Select KrisFlyer Miles

Click on the Travel category near the top, and click on the KrisFlyer Miles option. Of course, you can always go for BIG points or Asia Miles if you want to.

You can only redeem in blocks of 5,000 DBS Points for KrisFlyer miles.

#4 : Enter KrisFlyer Account Details

If this is your first redemption, you need to enter your KrisFlyer membership details. It will be captured in the system so you don’t need to repeat the process in subsequent redemptions.

Of course, make sure that the details are correct.

#5 : Check Out

After adding the desired quantity (which is 5 blocks of 5,000 DBS Points for me), let’s add them to my shopping cart.

After adding the redemption to the shopping cart, you can see the current redeemed total on the right side-bar. Nope, it isn’t done yet.

#6 : Make Payment

And make payment! Using a credit card, of course. Double-check that the redemption quantity is correct.

Entered the credit card number and redeem!

#7 : Redemption Complete

Well done!

50,000 KrisFlyer Miles promptly appeared in my KrisFlyer account after a few days. Ding! Enjoy your flights!

Bali – Pool Villa Paradise

Travelling is one of the few areas that I actually indulge in, and the upcoming trip to Bali is no different. Rather than go with a luxury resort, Mrs and I have decided to reduce our budget a little for this trip by staying at privately-managed pool villas, like this one over here overlooking rice fields ..

.. or in party-area, Seminyak, where we stayed at for our previous trip.

If you have no idea where to start : Alila Villas Uluwatu, Equilibria Seminyak and One Eleven are all excellent choices.

Turtle Matters

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