If you are here to get a sneak peek on how to redeem OCBC Rewards Points, scroll down! At the start of the year, I took the chance to “Marie Kondo” my financial setup by cutting away the products and services that I no longer require, one of them which is the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

Before We Start Redeeming OCBC Points ..

Last year, I signed up for the bonus offer, clocked the necessary expenses, redeemed my 50,000 OCBC$ for 20,000 miles and cancelled the card. To be honest, that’s how it goes. As of today, my stash is at a healthy level of 221,000 miles.

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card rewards 4 miles-per-dollar (MPD) primarily for shopping/retail transactions. Its competitors in the similar niche include DBS Woman’s Word Card and Citi Rewards Card, both of which offers 4 mpd as well.

I have both, which meant that the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card is dead weight, and I can’t afford to spread my expenses too thin across the different cards. Plus, each redemption costs money so it pays to think carefully.

When handling OCBC Rewards points (also known as OCBC$), it is important to know that OCBC$ has an expiry period of 2 years.

Step 1. Go To OCBC Rewards Website

Go to the OCBC rewards website. Log in and search for β€œtravel” rewards! Below, we can see that 10,000 KrisFlyer miles require a total of 25,000 OCBC$ to redeem.

The conversion rate for OCBC$ to KrisFlyer miles is 1 OCBC$ : 0.4 KrisFlyer miles. Also, this means that each redemption has to be done in blocks of 10,000 KrisFlyer. 

We want to have just the right amount to prevent wastage if we don’t intend to keep the account post-redemption.

Step 1 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

Step 2. Frequent Flyer Conversion Programme

Oops, before we forget, you will see the KrisFlyer membership link on the top menu bar upon logging in. Click on it and you can enter your KrisFlyer details.

Step 2 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

Step 3. Select The KrisFlyer 10,000 Miles Option and Add To Cart

Select the 10,000 KrisFlyer miles option and add it to our cart to proceed.

Step 3 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

The screenshot doesn’t make sense here because I took it after my redemption. Just ignore the red warning letters πŸ˜› You can redeem as many blocks of 10,000 miles as you want and pay a single $25 fee.

Step 4. Confirm The Redemption

Double-check the redemption details is correct before clicking confirm. It will not ask or prompt you regarding how you want to pay the $25 admin fee.

OCBC auto-charged it to my credit card, which meant I had to adhoc pay $25 by making a transfer into it prior to cancelling my OCBC Titanium card.

Step 4 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

After clicking Confirm, the screen would reflect that the redemption is successful.

Step 5 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

Unfortunately, I have a remainder of 3,704 orphan OCBC$ which I forfeited.

Step 5. Verify Receipt

Soon enough, an email arrived in my inbox, informing me that I have redeemed 50,000 OCBC$ for 20,000 KrisFlyer miles.

Step 6 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

Step 6. Miles Credited After You Redeem OCBC Rewards Points

Miles appeared in my account shortly after for the 17-Dec-2019 transaction.

Oh yes, after cancelling my OCBC Titanium card, I’ve recycled my Amex KrisFlyer card by re-applying for it and I’m in the process of fulfilling the spend bonus.

Plus, made redemption for my return flights! Wheeeeee.

Step 7 Redeeming OCBC Rewards Points (OCBC$) For KrisFlyer Miles

Hopefully this step-by-step guide detailing how to redeem OCBC$ for KrisFlyer miles would prove to be as useful as the DBS Points redemption guide and UNI$ redemption guide

I track my miles journey here on my blog and have loads of fun detailing how I do it. If you are a wanderlust, join the miles camp! Redeem your OCBC Rewards Points!

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