Hey hey hey, looks like it is time to convert some UOB rewards points into KrisFlyer miles! I’ve used up my stash in my KrisFlyer account redeeming my previous flights and now is time to top it up.

When dealing with UOB Rewards points (also known as UNI$), it is important to know two things –

  • UNI$ have an expiry period of 2 years.
  • Annual fees WILL automatically be paid for by deducting your UNI$. When that happens, call in and ask the customer service officer (CSO) to refund your UNI$ because you don’t want to use it.

I suppose we’re doing so much hard work collecting rewards points because we want to convert them into miles. In my instance, I’m going to convert them into KrisFlyer miles and I’ll write a simple guide.

It may sound like a trivial process but I know people like to read up on such stuff before doing it themselves. I’m one of them and I love a good guide

#1 Frequent Flyer Conversion Programme

First, I’ll need to enrol into UOB frequent flyer conversion programme. This is to register my KrisFlyer membership account so that the bank knows where to credit my KrisFlyer miles. Unlike DBS rewards, you don’t get to enter it at the rewards redemption site.

After submitting the form, you’ll need to wait a few days.

Guess what? Nobody bothered to inform me whether my enrollment was successful or not. Bummer. I had to call in to UOB (thanks, huh) to confirm that I was successfully enrolled and that my KrisFlyer account number is correct.

#2 Go To UOB Rewards Website

Go to the UOB rewards website. Log in and search for “miles”.

Only three results, and I want the KrisFlyer one.

The conversion rate is 1 UNI$ : 2 KrisFlyer miles. The conversion must be done in blocks of 10,000 miles.

#3 Select The KrisFlyer 10,000 Miles Option

Read the terms and conditions, including the friendly reminder that I’m supposed to be enrolled in the UOB Rewards Frequent Flyer Programme.

I’m going to add as many blocks of 10,000 miles as I can, since a $25 fee needs to be paid per transaction.

Click Add To Cart and proceed.

#4 Select A Credit Card To Pay For The $25 Fee

On the next page, I’m asked to select a credit card. I only have one with UOB, so it was an easy choice.

Click on Redeem Now.

#5 Confirm The Redemption

Look at the rewards redemption I’m about to make and confirm it for the last time. 60,000 KrisFlyer miles coming my way.

Click on Confirm.

#6 Verify Receipt

Tadah! And we’re done.

#7 Miles Credited [Update]

I did the redemption on 1st December, which meant that it took only one business day for the redemption to transact.

Also, it looks like the bonus miles from KrisFlyer UOB Credit Card (which UOB asked me to cancel) sign-up has been credited last month. One point to caution – once credited into the KrisFlyer account, miles have an expiry period of three years.

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