As big fans of the resort lifestyle, my wife and I have spent a considerable amount of money when it comes to renovating our apartment seven years ago as well as on day-to-day consumables.

Most of my furniture at home are wooden ones. They are very soothing on the eyes, smell awesome and a major plus point is that they age beautifully. Seven years on, none of my furniture needed to be changed and are still going strong. During big festivals like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya in Singapore, I always see discarded furniture at the bottom of my block. Those synthetic leather and Ikea stuff don’t seem to be durable isn’t it. Minus point is of course, the cost factor. I suppose a small consolation is that I’m slowly making back the money in terms of not having to replace them?

We even have a four-poster bed (for the 198-cm variant of a very-thick queen mattress because we don’t like our feet sticking out) in our bedroom with custom-made bedside cabinets from Indonesia 🙂 Getting the four-poster bed into the room is another story for another time!

I remember so many funny stories when we were hunting for furniture back then! Wooden furniture aren’t that easy to come by, so we looked for sales at Scanteak, for example.

On one of those fateful days, my wife and I went to Park Mall (now under redevelopment) which is pretty famous for housing “atas” furniture stores. We have heard stories before, and one of them proved to be genuine! We were just strolling along, and as luck would have it, we found a 3-seater sofa that would fit in nicely in our living room. Flipping the price-tag revealed a discounted price that was STILL expensive, obviously.

Of course, the sales guy would be walking over by now so I commented casually *cough* that the sofa set was a little expensive. He asked me what was my budget (light-bulbs flickering in my head!) and I gave a rather affordable number that I was willing to pay for at other furniture stores. He said OK. Oooo-kay negotiable it is! With interest-free installments too.

Learning point : There are many retail stores in Singapore where prices are negotiable. ESPECIALLY in “atas” ones. Including electrical appliances.

Moving on, we are also aware that companies like Hysses and Muji know how to milk the most out of this segment of the market. Naturally, we have learnt how to resist such evil corporations from sucking all our money. If you like aroma diffusers like us, either shop at online market places or simply get yours from IUIGA like I did.

Muji Aroma Diffuser (Large) : $139.00
IUIGA Aroma Diffuser (Large) : $29.90

Looking at that huge price disparity, it is easy to see why IUIGA seems to be doing well enough to draw the ire of Muji. My decision was easy considering that both products look identical and were of similar quality. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen – basically it’ll stop working? Then I’ll just buy another three with $10 to spare.

See : Japan’s Muji sues Singapore retailer Iuiga for alleged trademark infringement

Muji Lemongrass Essential Oil : $19.00
Holiday Inn Spa Lemongrass Essential Oil : < $8.00

Likewise, essential oil can cost a bomb in Singapore – especially for more pricey ones like lemongrass. We learnt how to buy them for a few dollars per bottle when having our treatments at Tea Tree Spa, Holiday Inn Batam. Of course, few brands can match the quality of Hysses but seriously $8 is more than enough value in a bottle.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

P/S : I have an IUIGA $10 referral code but never mind. If you want it, you can head over to Brian’s blog post @ Forever Financial Freedom (scroll to the bottom) because he has kids to feed and all 😛 Oh and I learnt a new tool recently!

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