Review Of 2018

A quick overview of 2018 – it has been a relatively good year despite the hemorrhaging market. I love bullet points and will use them for your easy reading!

1. Investment

  • Core Index portfolio ended -5.3% (YTD), 5.17% (All-time)
  • Income portfolio ended +0.5% (YTD), +52.94 (All-time)
  • Wife income portfolio ended +6.71% (YTD), +28.91% (All-time) // the irony 😉
  • Added Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB)
  • Entered crypto battleground with a tiny pot of money

Life is full of irony. The defensive portfolio I put together for my wife trounced my own!

2. Personal Finance

This year, I have nice charts prepared. Since I’ve hit BHS, the chart is final regardless of CPF interest. Here is a sneak preview of my gradual progress over the past decade. As of 2016, annual CPF interest has already exceeded my annual HDB loan obligations.

In case you haven’t realized, this numbers game isn’t a pissing contest – not about you having more than me or me having more than him. Everyone is in different situation with different methods of counting net worth. At the end of the day, it is about having financial security, improving the options available to me on how I want to live my life, and being accountable to myself.

3. Alternative Income

  • Blog income report : $1580

A fun little side project for me. Read more at the link above if you’re interested 🙂

4. Travel

Hopes For 2019

Dug myself out of negative net worth in 2015 and has never looked back since. No major expectations for 2019 except to keep doing what I have been doing – onward!

  • Maintain investment portfolios
  • Continue building passive income targeting monthly payouts
  • Stable year for increase in net worth and savings
  • CPF status to achieve Full Retirement Sum at age 37 *
  • Updates regarding CPF Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme
  • Further growth of robo-advisors in Singapore and in the region
  • Little bit of luck for my moonshot project
  • Good health for loved ones

Happy new year everyone and thanks for reading for the past year!