It is no secret that I have been using AutoWealth to manage part of my portfolio, having made my first deposit on 20/10/2017. Since then, I’ve been making quarterly deposits and later, transitioned to monthly deposits.

I have always valued functionality over looks, and the previous version of the AutoWealth platform fulfilled most of my needs for information, even though it does look a little dated – a common feedback.

Two weeks back on 27/01/2019, AutoWealth platform v3.0 launched with a fresh new look! (I didn’t know there was ever v1.0 haha) Like I have mentioned, I thought that the original platform already had most of the much needed functionality but it was nice to know that the team is actively listening to feedback.

Fresh New Look

Fresh new look but more importantly, all of the core information I needed are right there. One thing I have noticed is the initial loading that take a little longer than I expected, but once that’s out of the way everything is good.

Create New Goals / Portfolios On The Fly

I don’t suppose this is a feature that I needed, but it is now possible to set up more financial goals / portfolios on the fly. Of course, we monitor their progress individually and manage them more comprehensively on a single platform.

USD & SGD Currency Toggle

Because all our financial goals are denominated in SGD but investments are in USD, AutoWealth has added the option that allows us to toggle between USD and SGD display. It was a nice touch to have a chart that tracks the currency exposure even though I didn’t think I needed this level of detail. You can see the USD/SGD currency chart in the screenshot above.

Simple Returns For Simple Folks

Okay, it may seem counter-intuitive for us who are more financially inclined, but sometimes people just want a REALLY simple way to understand their investments. Pretty much means taking the current portfolio value divided by the amount of money deposited into the platform with none of those time/money weighted perspectives.

Focus on Mobile Experience

If you’re accessing the new platform on a mobile phone, the look and feel would seem to mimic that of an app. That was most certainly my first thought, although I’m not the type who would require constant checking of my robo-advisor portfolio.


Little things that aren’t immediately obvious have also been added into the platform. While all the records (transactions, deposits etc) are still available, new items such as platform fees that are deducted are now shown as well.

Anyway, it is pretty cool to know that the AutoWealth team is open to feedback from users. Prior to the official release, I had helped to test the platform and it is nice that actually see some of my thoughts being implemented.

SAXO Web Connect

If you are an AutoWealth client, you would have been given the access details to your own read-only Saxo account. Ask your wealth manager for your account details if you have no idea how to log in. Many people don’t feel that there is a need to log in at all, but make no mistake – the (pretty powerful) account is our own. We pretty much just authorize AutoWealth to make trades on our behalf.

Because the platform is Saxo Capital Markets’, we get ALL of the associated features of it.

  • Account summary
  • Activity logs
  • Cash transactions
  • Reports
  • More stuff

Well, you do get all the aggregated information from the AutoWealth platform already, so there is no need to generate performance reports like this unless you really want to –

You can see extremely detailed activity logs –

And what SGD-to-USD exchange rates you received –

Upcoming Features

There are a couple of greyed-out icons and from what was shared, it looks to me that AutoWealth is signalling a move towards gamification of the investment platform. Perhaps being rewarded for good financial planning habits isn’t such a pipe dream after all.

Mobile View

If everything goes according to plan, much more changes are coming our way this year 🙂

This is not a sponsored post. If you choose to sign up for AutoWealth using my referral link that is somewhere in my old blog posts, both you and I get a $20 credit. Why not bypass me and sign up with a friend, and both of you will get the $20 credit!

Turtle Thoughts

Recent developments in the blogging community have signaled the full or semi hiatus of veteran writers such as Thomas of My 15 Hour Work Week and Lionel of Cheerful Egg. SG Young Investment seemed to be slowing down too. Others (Dividend Warrior) have returned after previous short breaks. I suppose .. different people at different time of their lives would have different priorities, and blogging certainly isn’t something that ranks highly for a lot of people.

No such worries for myself just yet. I try to make time to write, and my drafts are full of blog posts!

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