It IS a little funny, because this blog doesn’t talk too much about traditional investing these days. I have automated portions of my investment activities but I do enjoy DIY investing because it is rather fun. This is a personal blog after all so here is (sell txns only, so half of) what I was busy with this year.

I rely on StocksCafe to track my sell transactions and have pulled out the relevant info for my dividend portfolio from there. All in all, I’ve done pretty OK over time in comparison to the STI ETF (ES3).

Mapletree Commercial Trust

Sell : $2.35 [29 Oct 2019]
Buy : $1.51 [21 Sep 2017]

One of the OGs of my portfolio (along with CMT and FCT), these were the pillars and defensive components. I took part in the previous FCT preferential offering but decided not to for MCT. Coupled with other factors, decided to offload it.

Sabana Reit

Sell : $0.455 [18 Jul 2019]
Buy : $0.43 [18 Apr 2019]

Short hold. I think that many people are holding out for it to be bought over. AEI of their crown jewel, New Tech Park, could signal the turn of their fortunes and Donald Han is doing a decent job.


Deploying funds into safer options. Industrial REITs and recession is a bad combo. Strange turn of events when it dropped to $1.36 and I bought it back.

Sell : $1.47 [9 Jul 2019]
Buy : $1.37 [26 Dec 2017] and $1.40 [9 May 2019]

Asian Pay Tv Tr

Short hold. The strategic review announced in April boosted share price significantly and I chose to sell rather than incur opportunity cost of holding on to it. Funny enough, Keppel Corp is presenting me with the exact same situation now.

Sell : $0.181 [29 Apr 2019]
Buy : $0.133 [11 Feb 2019]


Easy instrument to park some fund temporarily but it wasn’t fun at all. Well, apart from the money-making part.

Sell : $1.032 [11 Feb 2019]
Buy : $1.000 [6 Mar 2018]

What’s Left

After the flurry of activities largely due to the run-up this year, what’s left in my portfolio look fairly different from the start of the year and are mostly recognizable names in the local market. First REIT is still underwater (hehe we don’t always get it right) in an otherwise healthy looking portfolio with 50% of somewhat defensive counters in anticipation of what is to come.

Honest Thoughts

So it would appear that my dividend portfolio is OK versus STI ETF right?

Let’s take an overall view of my entire portfolio (local index, global index, dividend picks). I’ll be honest and say that I would have been better off investing in a world index from day one hahahaha! Let the chart do the talking.

The reality was that I didn’t have the knowledge and means to do so from day one, plus the cash-flow from a dividend portfolio is amazing in terms of addressing some of life’s demands. Some of the less obvious traits of my portfolio, which contains SSBs and bond ETFs etc, will only come into play in a less desirable environment.

Nowadays, it is really easy to do so with robo-advisors. While I envy the current generation for the ease they enjoy in terms of getting started, some of their expectations are not realistic and unfortunately, their reactions when they get “rekt” in a downturn/crash would be the lesson they would have learn.

P/S : Get these fanciful charts and features you see on my blog via StocksCafe from the fabulous Evan Koh.