Once upon a time, I was in the service industry and it was a period of time that was very enlightening in so many ways. It is safe to say there wouldn’t be this blog if I didn’t had that experience back then. I was hosting travellers from all over the globe at a hostel in Chinatown, and the type of people what I interacted with are simply mind-blowing.

There was a visiting professor at National University of Singapore who stored most of his work-related stuff in the office. He thought a hostel was fine for his needs.

There was a American doctor on his way to Cambodia from Australia to volunteer his medical services. We chatted about the MediSave and how Singapore’s system is one of a kind. He learnt I was a medic and gave me a parting gift LOL. Yeah, used that one before in the army.

There was a wealthy Indonesian Chinese who frequents Singapore’s casinos. He would keep the complimentary stays at Marina Bay Sands for his daughter’s visits to Singapore.

There was a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast who is having a short stint in Singapore after staying in Thailand for his previous stop. I asked him where would he be heading next? He had no idea.

There was a Canadian dude who was adamant that Vancouver is one of the best cities of the world. He flew in from India and was dressed in a Kurta. Not wanting to take over his dad’s multi-million dollar business, he’s travelling the world looking for the path he’s gonna take.

There was a local Singaporean girl who was unable to move in to her permanent accommodations yet due to logistics issues.

And yes, some guests still send postcards.

Would you be surprised if I told you that there are China Chinese (for lack of a better word) who don’t really like their fellow countryman as well?

Giggly Thai girls are always fun to have around. And I earned my first ever TripAdvisor review!

They might not always be wealthy, but they are rich where it mattered the most – giving what they can, and what they have. A young couple from Taiwan left me a pack of biscuits when they checked out.

And there are many, many, many more. Did it change your perception of the type of guests at hostels?

My point is that regardless of their background – I treated all of them like kings and queens, princes and princesses. I made them feel special. It didn’t matter how much they paid per night (usually less than $20).

I talked to them, shared my experiences and learnt from them. I helped them, and tried to make their stay in Singapore an awesome one, no matter who they are and where they’re from. They deserve to enjoy the best of what Singapore had to offer.

If you’re thinking of the impending 2% hike in Goods & Services Tax, that’s not what I’m referring to.

GST – Greet. Smile. Thank.

Not just the surface work, obviously. Beneath the GST, there is a deeper desire to make a difference. Besides being on the giving-end, I’ve also been on the receiving-end of exceptional GST from the guests themselves. Language barriers didn’t matter. And to me, that’s the key to world-class service.

I will remember them for many years to come. 🙂

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