Nowadays, I spend a fair bit of money shopping online, and it isn’t exactly because my wants and needs have changed. I’m still spending the same amount (or even less) of money on the things I need. It just happened that the things that I used to do physically in person, I am able to do it online at the comfort of my own home.

I’ve written a fair bit on how I save a crazy amount of money buying groceries online, and it is only one of the numerous options available to consumers. All we need to do it to keep our eyes open and pay attention to technology that is disrupting traditional business models.

Like many modern families, both my wife and I hold full-time jobs and time is an increasingly precious commodity! For example, by doing our groceries shopping online, not only do we save money but more importantly, we save time – time that can otherwise is spent on more productive and meaningful things.

Trending – Discount Codes & Deals

The savvy shoppers must have noticed one trend – to entice more customers, many online retailers now offer consumers the option to input a discount or voucher code. If you haven’t been using these codes, you’ve been losing out on valuable savings!

Just a few days back, I ordered a pizza to be delivered to my home because I was simply too tired to cook dinner. My dinner for 2-pax would have cost me $30.20 if there isn’t any discount.


At the checkout screen, there is an input box for me to enter a code. Have you wondered where to get these codes?

Picodi : Shop With SG Best Promo Codes & Deals

International Coupons operates a global network of coupons and deals websites catering to more than a dozen countries, including Turkey, Brazil, India, Russia, Spain and Poland.


Relatively new to our sunny shores, they operate in Singapore under the banner of Picodi and have quickly moved to establish partnerships with major retailers such as McDelivery, RedMart, Lazada, Scoot and foodpanda, just to name a few.

Their mission? To create a trustworthy, simple and user-friendly website. Pretty decent attempt I’ll say, as there is noticeably less clutter on the gorgeous Picodi website compared to some of their competitors, and none of that irritating pop-ups too.

Picodi Singapore Clean Layout

Was it difficult to find a discount code for my pizza delivery? Took me all of 1 minute – no registration needed. (Okay I’ve done this countless times so it’s kind of like reflex action)

Simply clicked on the retailer I was ordering from – foodpanda – and choose from the code that I could use.

Picodi Singapore DBS Discount

In my case, I had a POSB credit card which I could happily use for a 10% discount. Next, just get the code by clicking the reveal button.

Picodi Singapore Code Reveal

Now, we navigate back to the foodpanda website where I was trying to make an order. Apply the discount code and voila! Instant $2.67 savings!


So, are we done? Nope. Just because we’ve found and applied a discount code that works doesn’t mean that it is the BEST code, right? The calculative mind in my head is always optimizing deals, even when using discount codes, haha! Scrolled around a little bit more at Picodi, did some mental Mathematics and hit the jackpot.

Picodi Singapore Paypal Discount


Woot. Delivery fee is $3.50 which represents even more savings! At last, I’m satisfied with what I’ve got and proceed to make payments. 11% discount obtained by spending a minute or two clicking around – not bad huh?

Besides discount codes, you can also get deals, promotions and flash sales on Picodi for more savings. With the proliferation of disruptive technology, very often instant savings is only a few clicks away – if you know where to look. Shop smart – start making use of online discounts today.

This sponsored post is brought to you by Picodi Singapore. All opinions are my own.