I was at one of the sub-urban malls over the weekend. It featured direct access from the MRT station, both at ground level and at basement level 1, which greatly improved accessibility, convenience and footfall.

Popped by a few eateries. Some were full, a few required queuing – how irritating to have to wait when I’m hungry.

Does my photos resemble those in newspapers when the government announces a new policy, and the faces are either too small or else, none that can be seen clearly? I wonder why they didn’t use something like the first picture for the news article. Hmm. Oh right, then it wouldn’t look struggling which is bad for the narrative.

Generally didn’t observe any red flags, although a busy weekend does paint a rosier picture. The trend along the years has definitely shifted towards non-discretionary spending, F&B and service providers. Also, higher-end retail stores that would have only been found in prime central locations in the past are increasingly being located in defensive, sub-urban areas. This is not good news for some REITs for sure.

Guess this particular one can keep on “struggling” then 😛 More inspections to be carried out at other sites in the future.

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