11.11 sale is upon us again and I’m all ready to shop! (Nah, not really) Went a little overboard last year with my stash :

This year, I won’t be splurging but instead, I’ll be buying one item only, and it’s for work 🙂 If you remember my post a few months ago, I shared on how Lazada allows for pretty amazing vouchers stacking like what you see in the image below when I got my Dyson on the cheap :

For the Singles Day 11.11 sale (or basically any sale) tip on Lazada vouchers triple stacking, this is basically how it works. Read on if you find that the Lazada system is a little confusing.

Level 1 price reduction : Seller Price Mask
The merchant would typically has a price mask for the product that will only be revealed on the actual day without using any vouchers.

Level 2 price reduction : Seller Voucher
The merchant would typically has a store voucher we can collect that can be applied for a given minimum spend.

Level 3 price reduction : Lazada Voucher
Lazada release vouchers leading up to the event that can be used storewide that can be applied for a given minimum spend.

Level 4 price reduction : Bank Credit Card Voucher
Bank credit card vouchers can be collected that can be applied for a given minimum spend if you are paying via their credit card.

Level 5 price reduction : Lazada Liveup Rebates
For Liveup members who have accumulated cashback rebates.

Well, that’s all .. Here’s to a fruitful shopping session for us all! It might be a little late to start collecting vouchers now, but there should at least be another batch released at 9am tomorrow.

Edit @ 9:18am :

Success! Net discount for my efforts is $119.60 (excl. Liveup rebates) or 30% off the retail price of $399. Hope you’ve enjoyed this simple guide 🙂

  1. The first screen shows the bank, platform and merchant vouchers I have collected.
  2. The second screen shows the auto-applied vouchers for the current purchase. Lucky for me, merchant gave an additional $10.50 off for hitting min. spend.
  3. The third screen is at the checkout stage.
  4. The fourth screen is where the applicable bank credit card vouchers will be shown if you have them plus Liveup rebates.