It is the time of the year that our domestic index Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), the State Street SPDR Straits Times Index (STI) ETF declares its first of two dividend payouts for the year 2020.

STI ETF Dividend Payout

Ex-date for dividend payout is 10 February 2020 (Monday) so take note if you’re going to be making any transactions soon. The dividend distribution will be payable on 24 February 2020.

STI ETF Dividend 2020

Feb 2020 Dividends : SGD $0.056 (1.74% yield based on $3.21 price)
Aug 2019 Dividends : SGD $0.064 (1.99% yield based on $3.21 price)

Combining this payout and the last payout, STI ETF dividend total of $0.12 presents a total yield of 3.73%.

Although the performance of STI ETF has lagged relative to the global market, the dividends continues to provide me with much needed passive income.

Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT) went on a crazy run last year. My index portfolio which included STI ETF and SSBs was a little muted in comparison.

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Mental De-Cluttering

Earlier this month, I had ‘Marie Kondo’-ed my finances by getting rid of excess baggage since new year, new start? I transferred the remnants of my STI ETF sitting in my Standard Chartered trading account and transferred them over to my CDP account for $10.70 – gained nothing out of it except for mental de-cluttering, to be honest.

Because the accounts were linked, I had to make the transfer first and complete it, before I could close my trading/settlement accounts and then the savings accounts. And the credit card. Made a trip to StanChart bank, signed a form to effect the transfer (prepare your information in advance e.g. CDP account number, trading account number, etc) and waited.

A few days later, the bank called and asked me to deposit $10.70 into my savings account to fund the transfer. Once that was done (logged in my CDP account to see the additional units of STI ETF), made another visit to StanChart to close my accounts.

This was one thing which didn’t make any tangible difference but I felt I needed to do it, in order to de-clutter myself mentally.

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