Doing a quick recap of my transactions and what I have been doing lately. At times like these, I think that people are keenly observing what people are (not) doing. Scroll down if you’re simply looking for the StocksCafe referral code.

Story Time

Before I start, maybe a little short story, because more entertaining, yes? Back in 2001-2003, I was working in a medical centre and guess what global event happened then? Yes – SARS coronavirus. Trust me, it was a horrible experience so I kind of empathize with what healthcare workers are going through now – which is probably much worst now. Years later, I tapped on my personal experience and wrote my computing honours paper based on crisis simulation with a particular focus on epidemiology.

To aid in understanding, the key Basic Reproductive Ratio (R) is commonly referred to as the epidemiological threshold and is a function of both virus characteristics and contact patterns within a community.

R = (mean contact rate) * (transmission probability) * (infectious duration)

If Basic Reproductive Ratio is greater than 1, then the epidemic is likely to spread. The Basic Reproductive Ratio presents three categories of measures to control epidemics :

  1. Decreasing mean contact rate (BCP, quarantine, stay-home notice, discourage mass gathering, etc)
  2. Reducing transmission probability (wearing masks, hand-washing, don’t touch face, etc)
  3. Reducing the length of infectious period (assume once patient recover, they will not be infectious)

Expedite patients’ quick recovery will help with #3. The measures being implemented typically target #1 as quick wins. In situations when #1 cannot be help (we must still go to work etc), we emphasize #2 awareness such that even when human contact is unavoidable, the risk of spreading is reduced 🙂 Hope that this little snippet will help you in understanding WHY it is important for us to abide by the official advisory and be responsible citizens.

Sell Txns :

  • Keppel 
  • SGX

Basically an attempt to conserve some capital as the Covid-19 situation worsens. Both were holding up pretty well, but it was a matter of time before all were dragged down by momentum. Off-loaded Keppel (lucky) in February and SGX in March.

Buy Txns :

  • CapitaRetail China Trust
  • SATS

Both stock counters were directly impacted by the Covid-19 situation and hit my buy price. Probably more pain to endure 🙂

Back in 15-May-2016, I bought STI ETF using CPF Ordinary Account (CPF-OA) money at $2.75 and it was my first time using CPF-IS. On 12-May-2020, I made my second move on STI ETF when it hit my buy price of $2.7 recently. Really just getting my toes wet at this point. The lower it goes, the more I’d buy.

Easy Tracking Everyday

The actual tag-line for StocksCafe is actually Easy Tracking Everyday, and it shows us why. At times like these, in addition to “easy”, the tracking can be very brutal, especially when we see a sea of red! For some context, this is what my index portfolio consists of. The year started off nice enough and Vanguard Total World Stock ETF (VT) continued to outpaced my index+dividend portfolio (see year-to-date chart below), until ..

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I supposed the preferred benchmark is against the VT rather than the STI (1-year) so that we know how we did against the global performance :

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Or perhaps, a longer term (3-year) view :

Track your portfolio using StocksCafe and sign up with referral code

The charts were taken after the Thursday night 10% crash and before the 9% rebound on Friday night. The volatility is crazy these days. Phew! Big ups and downs, what’s not to like right?

It has kept my AutoWealth robo-advisor busy with a flurry of activities! I have NEVER seen this level of action by AutoWealth. Not trying to be mean, but there is a thread on Seedly FB group where folks are posting their StashAway losses. NOW you start to understand the importance of “risk profile” and “asset allocation” of robo-advisors? They can buffer the volatility, but they will never be immune.

StocksCafe Referral From A Friend

I created my StocksCafe on 18-Mar-2016 and have been using it since then. Wow, you mean it has been five years already?! I have extended my StocksCafe referral deal to plenty of like-minded readers since then. You can see that my StocksCafe membership runs for another five more years 🙂

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I have used it to track my indexing portfolio, dividend portfolio and my wife’s portfolio. Tracking a portfolio has been immensely helpful during recent days and the data have helped me to make better decisions by giving clarity of mind.

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