Back in the days when my days were occupied by Sega video games, my parents bought an AIA Prime Life policy for me. Subsequently, I took over the payments of the policy once I’m capable of doing so.

Below is the projection of surrenders value provided by the agent. This is the original document which I’ve scanned. Marketed as a part-investments, part-protection policy to my parents, the most enticing part of the policy is that if we held it long enough, we would get back all our money, plus even more.

According to the latest annual participating fund update, it invests approximately –

  • 72% in fixed income
  • 20% in equities
  • 3% in real estate
  • 3% in other assets
  • 2% in loans


Notice that (from the 19-year to) the 20-year mark, there is a massive jump in the non-guaranteed portion Surrender Value (Total) from $9,855 to $21,385. Guess what? Twenty years (2017) is almost up.

Before we go further, let’s just say that the signs were already showing way before this. I don’t have the full set of documents but the trend is hard to miss.

At the halfway mark in 2008 when I started working, I began collecting these annual letters as much as I could, and I can see that the projected surrender value was revised downwards.

  • Year 1997 : $21,385
  • Year 2008 : $17,544
  • Year 2010 : $15,718
  • Year 2012 : $16,448
  • Year 2016 : $16,449

Post Sales Benefit Illustration

If you want the current Post Sales Benefit Illustration, you don’t have to go through the hassle of contacting your agent. Everything has already been digitized – simply log in with your account and the system can generated the latest set of figures for you on the fly. The below figures (Surrender Value : Total) were generated in June this year, which shows $16,449 and it confirms the amount stated in the letter I received.


Thanks AIA, but it is about time to say goodbye. Shall take back control of my tiny pot of gold and put it to better use.

Oh yeah, I’ve been clearing a couple days of leave which gave me time to dig around the house. Plenty of paper unearthed which explains the inspiration to write about stuff like HDB and this 😉 I got a feeling that there are a lot of people around my age stuck with policies like this.