I have no wonderful story to share regarding how little electricity I use. On most months, my household (just wife and myself) usage levels slightly exceed the national average. Blame it on cool air and two desktop computers.

What can I say? I spent a fortune on air-conditioning and I’m willing to pay for comfort. 😀

Let’s take a sneak peek at what happens after the electricity retailer switch happened. After signing up, my official Ohm Discount price-plan supply start date was 09-Mar-2019. This means that –

  • 07-Mar-2019 to 08-Mar-2019 : SP Group ($13.59)
  • 09-Mar-2019 to 31-Mar-2019 : Ohm ($61.61)
  • 01-Apr-2019 to 06-Apr-2019 : Ohm ($15.48)

My price plan is a standard 25% off which is exactly what I needed. That’s pretty much like index investing for electricity, you know? Price goes down .. I gain too.

The official statement isn’t out yet, but I’ve seen the pre-GST prices on the website. I’ve got $40 off because I used a referral code to sign up, and I referred my brother.

Want some? My Ohm ref code is OHMREF49DFDE for $20 off. Ohm good ah? I don’t know. I’ve heard stories of missing bills and/or error in usage reporting for other non-Ohm retailers. For now, there isn’t any noticeable difference (non-pricing related) after I switched to Ohm. As long as I’m paying less, I’m happy. 😉

More Ohm, More Rewards Promotion – Did You Know?

If you renew on Ohm Discount (12-month Ohm Discount) : Additional 1.5% discount on prevailing 12-month Ohm Discount rate (at point of renewal) throughout Supply Term. This means that, potentially, my Ohm price plan would be 26.5% off next year!

Updated 08-may-2019 :

My first Ohm-integrated SP bill is here! Everything was as per indicated on the Ohm website portal.

I have attached the relevant parts of my SP bill that included inputs from Ohm Energy.

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