You know these ads about investments in MRTs and underpass? As I strolled leisurely along the air-conditioned underground tunnel, I vaguely remember a time when I was rather impressed by them. That was a long time ago when I knew very little about investing and personal finance. At least I knew that I needed to take action.

I can understand exactly why people, both young and old, made choices like delegating financial responsibility to professionals to handle their investments and insurance. Taking responsibility is very scary stuff.

Professionals know better right? Now that I think back to the past, I wonder how I can even consider delegating such an important task to ironically, people I hardly knew?

Well, what if I screw up? No one to blame if shit hits the fan. Then again, I realized that by not taking responsibility, it’s like having a piece of shit that’s stuck to the ceiling right above you, and you trust the shit expert that it won’t fall off.

For some people, I guess shit really did happen. Other folks have learnt to use an umbrella, get the ceiling cleaned, or simply take two steps to the side. You don’t necessarily need complex solutions for simple problems. Taking responsibility for your financial well-being is certainly one task worth putting your heart into.

Start today 🙂

(Sorry for the gross poo analogy)