A popular topic trending in the blogosphere lately is the story of the farmer, monk and the warrior. I had a couple of ideas and was tempted to pitch in, but thought otherwise. Perhaps another post for another time. I would definitely like to see myself as having monk AND warrior traits, though.

I’m listed as a Buddhist on my pink IC, but othewise I’m actually pretty open to the ideas of various religions. Nevertheless, I’ve gravitated (somewhat) to Buddhism as an adult. I am also a fan of the mindfulness movement and is a reader of the works of Thich Nhat Hanh, widely known as a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activist. Wikipedia has lots of information on him.

He is one of the few people who has helped me to expand my perspectives on how I see things. I have collected quite a few of my ‘favourite quotes’ from him. Just a short sharing today, for a start.

Happy weekends! (I’m heading to work, by the way)

There is a Buddhist teaching found in the Sallatha Sutta, known as The Arrow. It says if an arrow hits you, you will feel pain in that part of your body where the arrow hit; and then if a second arrow comes and strikes exactly at the same spot, the pain will not be only double, it will become at least ten times more intense.

The unwelcome things that sometimes happen in life—being rejected, losing a valuable object, failing a test, getting injured in an accident—are analogous to the first arrow. They cause some pain. The second arrow, fired by our own selves, is our reaction, our storyline, and our anxiety. All these things magnify the suffering. Many times, the ultimate disaster we’re ruminating upon hasn’t even happened.

– Thich Nhat Hanh (No Mud, No Lotus)