I have the same food for breakfast everyday. To be more precise, only on working days. I go wild on weekends and on vacations. My standard weekday menu pretty boring –

  1. One egg
  2. One cup of Kopi-O

I’m rather lazy, and definitely not a “morning” person. I have experimented with and tried different kinds of breakfast, but I frequently got hungry before lunch time, regardless of whether it is of the healthy or unhealthy variety.

From the gourmet perspective, oh no – my breakfast is extremely bleh. How boring is that! I’m luckily a creature of habit and routine, and I don’t get tired of having the same thing repeatedly.

From the cost perspective, nice! My egg costs 23.5 cents and a cuppa old school kopi-o is $1.10 – very affordable! There is always an option to lower costs by buying instant coffee but nah, I’m willing to pay a little extra for better coffee though not at the Starbucks level.

From the health perspective, well it depends. A single egg contains a huge dose of different nutrients the body needs. With regards to the risk of high cholesterol, I believe in moderation. Studies on effects of egg consumption aren’t perfect – how are participants cooking the egg(s) and how large is it? Mine is hard-boiled (via an egg-steamer, actually) and I buy first-born eggs that weigh merely 40g with 115mg of cholesterol, about 2/3 of the average. Kopi-o so .. no milk/creamer, and to be more accurate, I only drink half a cup because I can’t finish it. Believe me, I absolutely love carbo-loaded fried beehoon with plenty of oil-infused wok-hei. I just don’t have it every day.

From the practicality perspective, yippee! A tray of eggs can last me two weeks, and all I need to do at night is to take one egg from the fridge, throw it in the egg steamer, and pour in a small cup of water. Power on. Wait 5-minutes. Power off. Best thing is that it keeps me from getting hungry past noon!

And that’s the same breakfast for me everyday. Almost. (Don’t be silly, no one would pay me to write about first-born eggs.)