From SPDR Straits Times Index ETF official website, distribution yield has now dropped to 3.04%. Price/Earnings is a little higher at 12.56, and Price/Book Ratio is 1.23 🙂

As the STI slowly inches upwards, the same old question pops up. Is it too expensive to buy now? I always refer them back to this post (see bottom half).

What we know from history :
– The Straits Times Index had carried a valuation that was substantially lower than its historical long-term average.
– The index had tended to produce some solid returns in the past when it had carried similar valuations.

Still interested to read more? See this Business Times article. As for myself, life goes on as per normal. Nothing has changed 😉 If the STI goes on a roller coaster ride downwards, then once again I can pick up more on the cheap.

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In the short run, listen to the economy; don’t listen to the stock market. These moves in the market are like a tale told by an idiot: full of sound and fury, signalling nothing.
– John Bogle