Once again, we are nearing the time of the year for the Free Book Giveaway! This year, ONE copy of INVEST LAH! (1st Print) is up for grabs!

Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide to Investing

It is your one-stop guide to investing, meant to dispel the many myths and mysteries that shroud the stock market. The authors – Ser Jing, Sudhan and Wei Lin – have drawn on the collective wisdom of great money managers, financial writers, and even psychologists to offer a different (or dare we say, better) path for YOU to prudently manage your own investments. Investing is simple, but not easy. So, they are here to help. What else are you waiting for? Invest Lah!

Why Am I Doing This?

Click this link for last year’s giveaway and read it =)

How Can I Win The Free Book?

I can assure you that it is incredibly simple to take part in this giveaway – no gimmicks, no tricks, no spam.

  1. Get +1 chance to get the book by joining The Turtle Investor Mailing List! Visit this link, enter your details and submit!
  2. Get +1 chance by posting a comment on this blog post. Say anything you want! Say Hi? Tell me what’s your favourite food. What’s your investment philosophy? Or simply wish others a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to spread some festive joy! Aaaaand don’t forget to include your email address!

The clock is ticking! All entries received by 31st December 2014, 11:59pm will be eligible for a chance to win the free book giveaway! One lucky reader will be randomly selected and contacted via email, after which I will send the book to you via snail mail. What are you waiting for?! Yes, yes, you can ask your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children and friends to all take part.